Let the "Tithing" begin!

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  • truthseekeriam

    Listened in tonight and heard the same letter read.

  • Judge Dread
    Judge Dread

    I have NEVER heard of anything like that, unless it was a local expense, like a re-modeling project or something like that.

    I think you are not telling the whole story. You are leaving something out to put that congregation, or the Org., in a bad light.

    Judge Dread

  • piratess

    I think this is an appalling step for them to be taking, and I agree with the posters who say they must be desperate for money. I sincerely hope that this backfires on them and they loose attendance, and the contributions from the folks who finally see the light and leave...

  • WTWizard

    Usually, people will be hounded to be generous and optimistic when writing the pledge amounts. They will then pledge high, and then they have the "keeping part of the money from sale of the field" guilt trips. You also promised to Jehovah, and He will now hold you to it even if your income plummets. If you leave the pledge form home, they will hand you another one and make you fill it out in front of the hounders (who will then hound you mercilessly to make sure you actually donate what you put on the slip). Putting a very low number, or zero, on the slip will result in that "Trust in Jehovah" lecture.

    Because of this, they are going to actually get too much money. While it will not last more than a few months, the spike in donations while it lasts will help them protect a pedophile while expanding the scam into Nigeria. Then, when it dies off, they will get another spike by telling people that they are not being faithful to Jehovah if they are giving less than they pledged (even if He is not faithful to them because He let their incomes plummet). Personal needs are going to be left untended to, while this waste of money will persist.

    Good idea to put a zero on the slip, or "forget" the slip at home. And, if you leave the slip home, you might as well stay home with it so they cannot shove another one in your face. Hopefully this will result in new ones blowing off the whole study, and plenty of existing members skipping those boasting sessions. For sure, they are not getting even a penny from me.

  • cameo-d

    wobble: "Jehovah owns the Universe, He is the richest guy in the space -time continuum"

    Uh....Rumor has it that the Pope has more money than God.

    And by the way...other churches started "tithe contracts" a few years ago. They claim they need it to determine their 'budgets'. I know people who left church because of it.

    Some of the other churches have started "tithe covenants" rather than using the word 'contract'.

  • Heaven

    A big zero....Is like saying FU! lol

    What? Doesn't 'F U' stand for 'Fill-er Up?'

    Pledges are the beginning. When they find that doesn't work so well, I figure annual membership fees are in their future.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I just cannot help but to think of George Carlin's words about religion whenever I read or hear about money and religion.

    This is a Carlin excerpt used in ZEITGEIST. The Money part comes near the end after the 1:50 mark.


  • dissed

    I don't know, JW's are very cheap under good economic times.

    Forcing them to committ to KH payments in these times may backfire some.

    We built our KH, needing a mortgage of $80,000. Our loan was from a rich JW who made the mistake of saying, "pay me back what you can afford each month. Remembering that I use this money for other KH builds" He also didn't care for interest.

    What do you think our congregation averaged each month in KH contributions?

    $30-60, that's all.

    Ashamed, we asked the congregation for a similar committment on paper. It came out to $210, so we committed to the rich JW for $200/month. After the slip deal committment, we only jumped to $130/month. (I can say it now, but $100 came from my wife and me. And when we moved away, the PO asked if we would still keep our committment. haha)

    After the build, an unexpected expense came up of $3,200. We asked the congregation for help and in one meeting we rasied $3,900. So, like it was said earlier. You can get the JW's excited to give on a temporary basis, but it quickly wears off.

  • bluesapphire

    The WTS is a cheap imitation of the Catholic Church and the heirarchy. While I do have respect for the Catholic Church, the WTS is so retarded!

    This is just another example of how they steal ideas: In the RCC each Diocese has a Bishop who asks each Parish to donate to the Diocesan Fund. The Diocesan Fund, besides administrative costs, also benefits Parishioners in need though with charities such as Catholic Charities. They MAIL the forms to each Parishioner's home and ask the family to pledge an amount. This is how they determine the budget.

    Then each parishioner gets a monthly statement letting them know how they are doing. NO ONE personally talks to the family and NO ONE from the local Parish even knows what the family pledged thus there is no social pressure. And the positive about it is that say someone pledged a certain amount and then loses a limb or something and now needs assistance. Well, then they can get help from Catholic Charities.

    Lose a limb and ask the WTS for assistance and then you will get a big F U and still be told to pay up!

  • JeffT

    If the WTB$ needs money they need to change their stance on higher education and then wait about twenty years.

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