Let the "Tithing" begin!

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  • Dagney

    My brother is deeply involved with the RBC and was bragging about they had just built 3 new KHs in two weeks. So I asked if they were brand new congregations or replacing existing ones. He said replacing existing ones. I asked why would they do that in the middle of a recession, the attendees have to repay the WTBS corporation for the work. He mumbled something about the land was a really good investment etc.

    I think I made my point. The WTBS is a corporation which exists solely to support itself. Nice money making scam.

  • LongHairGal

    Wow, what happened to 'free' and 'we don't pass a collection plate'? I hate being right but I expected they would resort to this sooner or later out of desperation in these times we are living in. I am glad I no longer associate with the religion.

    They might even try to 'shun' those who won't or can't commit to giving anything. This might have an effect of backfiring on them. What about all the people who never went to college and pursued poverty following the dictates of the religion? They certainly aren't going to have money to contribute, assuming they are even willing to contribute. Somebody in middle age trying to desperately scrape by making a living in this day and age might tend to be very resentful of the religion that encouraged them to be in the predicament they are in in the first place. They might get more than a little fed up when they hear talks from people who are getting free room and board telling them not to pursue college and careers and having the nerve to call this 'materialistic' - all the while having their hand out! It also doesn't help to hear about public scandals and lawsuits. It might be a matter of time but personally I think it's all over for religions.

  • dissed

    Its no longer the WTS for me.....its now WT Inc

  • doinmypart

    A letter was sent to U.S. congregations a couple of weeks ago.

    The gist of the letter...due to the economy some congregations may have a problem repaying KH Bldg Fund loans to Society. Beginning this year and continuing annually, the BOE will ask the publishers to turn in a slip of paper indicating how much they can donate towards payment of current loan. Based on the publishers' responses the BOE may decrease or increase the monthly payment. If the monthly payment is decreased the difference in the loan balance will be added to the end of the loan. If the monthly payment increased the "extra" money will be used as an equalizing across the brotherhood.

    Again, this is for KH Building Fund loans, not local congregation expenses.

  • Mad Sweeney
    Mad Sweeney

    I was hoping to skip meeting this week but this is too good an opportunity to put a big fat ZERO on there and maybe a few choice comments, as well.

  • The Berean
    The Berean

    Columbus, Ohio USA

  • The Berean
    The Berean

    Columbus Ohio, USA

  • journey-on

    At least the purpose for Rick Warren's plea for increased donations for his Saddleback Church was for continuing the food pantry for the needy, homeless ministries, and the counselling and support services the church provides. WHAT, pray tell, does the Watchtower Society need more money for?......their real estate ventures....plain and simple. The few personal services they provide for their members is no where near what other churches do for entire communities.

  • steve2

    The JWs once prided themselves on their unique stand on not having collection plates and they ëxposed" the supposedly unscriptural practice of tithing. Nevermind. Economic necessity has been the impetus for many changes in practice over the decades. The JWs have a well-practiced ability to not allow themselves to let paint stop them being painted into a corner. Whatever is needed is done. To think I once genuinely believed this was a principled body of beleivers!

  • Farkel

    The main reason the WTS gave for not passing the collection plate was that it put undue influence on people to contribute and that contributions should be sincere and without coercion.

    Remember that the next time you give a quarter for a stack of books and the literature guy glares at you like you just raped his wife.


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