To Ex-JWs: Do You Regret Learning it Was a Lie?

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  • JoJoJones

    My only regret in not knowing the "truth" was actually a lie from the beginning. What a waste of years of my life.

  • readyornot

    I still can't believe I was out for 12 years but was still held captive by the mind control. I've no regrets I found out it was all a lie. I was loosing my sanity trying to live with one foot in and one foot out. Freeing my mind has opened countless doors for me, and I can see through the BS template thats used so often by religion, media, corporations and government.

    Free at last, free at last...

  • Oceanblue

    No, from the moment I learned it was all a lie, I felt free at last, God Almight, free at last! I'm so glad I know now, while I am in my early 20's, instead of later on, because now I can go on with my life. I regret leaving my family behind, but I just hope that one day they also learn the "truth" about the truth also.

  • wasastar

    Ignorant and happy or enlightened and pissed off? I hate learning what a self righteous ass I have been. Once enlightened you can't go back to ignorance.

  • jam

    you think one day there will be hundreds or thousands standing outside of large assemblies with


  • flipper

    I feel like Martin Luther King in his speech on Freedom in " I have a Dream " . We now have the freedom to think and be free like King said.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I respect faith. It is powerful, and can do a lot of good. Being a JW has taught me that faith is very personal, and to be wary of anyone who would dare package "faith".

    You can only regret not being a JW after you have left if you are going through a tough time and tend to romanticize about the past, you know, that 1 hour a week when it was actually fun to be a JW. (they are called coffee breaks on Saturday at DD)

    I miss the fun that I had with my friends. But I know it wasn't real, because it was linked to a cult, always under the control of the GB.

    In accord with the title of this thread, if it was a lie, and as a JW you were expected to propagate the lie, when you actually learned it to be a lie, you were in a moral delimma: Keep spouting the lie for your convenience, fade (a very understandable decision) or leave the lie and no longer represent it to others as "da troof".

    No regrets. I am not as happy as I once was as a JW. Of course, my happiest year in life I suppose was when I was 9. The world was simpler then. The world was simpler when I was a JW. Come to find out, the world ain't so simple.

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    I don't believe any of us really knows what the truth is absolutely. Are we sure it's a lie? Who knows?

    I was the happiest when I believed... until I realized that I didn't qualify.

  • sooner7nc

    Asking this question is like asking a cancer survivor if they're glad that they were cured.

  • AllTimeJeff

    Paul, you don't need to know the truth to see a lie. A lie is simply non truth, misrepresented distorted opinions that are sold as absolutely true.

    I was the happiest when I believed... until I realized that I didn't qualify.

    Paul, I have been following you on the board, and you are clearly on a journey that is very organic. I don't want to interfere unduly. I do have an opinion for you to consider, is it necesarry for you to qualify for something based on the standards of others? Is it possible that you can decide for yourself that you "qualify", that you are for real, and that potentially, you are perfectly fine on your own merits, free from the lens of how any particular religion would interpret you?

    You are you. You don't need to qualify for anyone.

    Just an opinion.

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