Did You Exit the Witnesses Due to Injustices / Difference with Doctrine-Both?

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  • life is to short
    life is to short

    Flipper this is a great thread. I love reading everyones comments. What a great way to start the New Year. Thanks

    It is nice to read that others feel and think the way you do to see you are not alone that you are not crazy. I think for me that was one of the hardest things was when I was having doubts I would look around at my peers at the meetings and they all believed it. I did not have friends outside of the so called "truth" and so I thought I was the crazy one for not understanding things, for having doubts. Oh as my husband liked to tell me to "just keep my blinders on."

    But no matter how hard you try the blinders fall off. It is great to read this thread very encouraging to know I was not alone.

    Thanks again. LITS

  • monkeyman

    Farkel, isn't "arrogant asshole Circuit Overseer" a redundant phrase?

  • oompa

    I never had people probs....loved my friends and pretty much everyone else......doctrine...false teachings...bad predictions....but the icing on the cake was the very altered New World Translation!!!!

    Cmon guys....no matter how much you love the name Jehovah you CANT just add it wherever you want to....but oh thats right....they did....237 times in the Greek scriptures without a single shred of ANY manuscript support in the world!!! (btw that is right there in the insight book under the heading JEHOVAH if you know where to look) I have lots of info about this if anyone wants it since i wrote WT twice about it.....damm how they lied to me directly too..........oompa

  • paul from cleveland
    paul from cleveland

    I didn't leave (well, get kicked out) for either of those two reasons. I just couldn't endure to the end. Not through not trying... I just cant live up to the standards and I can't try anymore. I can't pray, study, or cry anymore. I was in a state of guilt and fear the whole time for not being able to measure up (now I'm just in fear). I'll always remember that song about 'thousands falling on my left and right side'. If Jehovah's standards are so high that 'thousands' are going to fall, I am sure to be among them. I know my faults.

    When I was young, I remember being out in field service with and elder when he told me that Jehovah was drawing people with 'good hearts' into his organization. I asked him 'what if someone doesn't have a good heart, can they change?' He just shrugged his shoulders indicating he didn't know. Since I was 'born-in' I was sure I didn't have a good heart but was there just because my mom brought me in, not Jehovah. I continually prayed for God's spirit so I'd be able to please him and have a good heart. I did all the things I was supposed to do but eventually couldn't continue because my own thoughts condemned me. I never got the 'peace of God that excels all thought'.

  • blondie

    I have posted before that it was a lack of love that made me leave, 40 years worth towards me and others in the congregation, in over 15 congregations, in several states and countries. I felt that Jesus said his followers would be known by the love they showed not doctrine. Later I consolidated the doctrinal lies starting with the statement in a 1993 WT that the WTS had consistently taught that Christ's presence was in 1914. The Proclaimers book of 1993 said it was 1874...same year I finally examined if Jesus was Michael the archangel and saw what a mess their interpretation of the 2300 years was. But it took 8 more years of cruelty and lack of love to realize that leaving was the only way to protect myself.

  • mouthy

    Well I was kicked out over Doctrine. Jesus coming in 1914,invisably of course

    But MY worry now is for Paul from Cleaveland.....Please get help about your
    deepression.....You are so mixed up from all the teaching your Mum planted
    time to do some "weeding" in the brain ((((HUG))))

  • OnTheWayOut

    I understand the need for these threads, so despite the fact that I have stated my story before, I usually try to answer such threads for the new people to see.

    I started looking into problems with the WTS because of doctrine. The 1995 change in "generation" was devastating to me. They just change things like it's no big deal. I saw the imminense of the end going out the door and I started looking for better work because I would probably retire in "this system of things." Still, I stayed another 10 years and quietly investigated. It wasn't until injustices and problems popped up that I moved toward the door.

    I chaired a judicial committee for a virginal young adult lady who got involved in some heavy petting with a virginal JW young guy. She just wanted the whole thing kept quiet. According to the rules, we could do that. She confessed and we could just apply some restrictions. Well, one elder on the committee wanted to make an example of her to the other young adults and said we had to announce her reproof to the congregation. I said we don't do things that way, we do what's right for the individual instead of hurting them to make a difference in the cong. He went around me by calling Bethel and explaining things in a way that they insisted that we announce a public reproof, and I had to do it as the chairman. It nearly destroyed her for the embarassment.

    I looked at how the organization puts the individual behind their own needs. The Jesus of the Bible that I learned about would never have done that. If the cong. needed something, he would never have acheived it at the expense of an individual's needs.

    Next, the Regional Building Committee (RBC) chairman in my area had asked for volunteers to go to the relief effort for Hurricane Katrina. He needed people during the winter after the initial relief effort had taken place. I put in for vacation and told him I could go. I had experience with Hurricane Hugo and Hurricane Andrew. Right before the trip, the RBC chairman called me to say there wasn't room on the bus for me- they needed to load it up with electricians and plumbers. I told him I could follow in my SUV, taking a few other people and/or supplies, paying for my own gas. He then said there would be no place for me to stay. I told him I knew people in the area and could stay with them, or I could simply "camp" on the floor of the Kingdom Hall like we did at Hugo and Andrew sites. I said that while I wasn't a plumber or electrician, I was willing to work and bust my back for them.

    He finally simply said that "we don't do things that way" and I would not be able to go. I didn't go. Right after they got back, he called me to ask me whether I could go another date. I said NO, I used up my vacation. His wife didn't know that I had already said no, so she was calling people and called me again. After saying I couldn't go, she said, "Too bad you couldn't make that last trip. Brother "Jones" and his wife went, I went and brought the kids. We had a great picnic on the last day."

    Maybe Sister "Jones" and the RBC chair's wife were great electricians or something. Maybe even their kids had some skill that was needed. I extremely doubt that though. I was bumped from going to do thankless hard work so connected people could have an "outing." I vowed never to work with the RBC again. Plus, I hated how the organization had said "Do not donate any relief items except for money. Do not earmark the money for relief effort. Just give it, we will know how best to use it." They learned how to actually make money on the generosity of the members and screwed over the people in need. Money was donated to the worldwide pedophile fund instead of Hurricane relief as the members wanted it to be used, then volunteers went down in a bus spending a tiny bit of the donated money for supplies. The rest was profit for WTS.

    Then that summer, I went to the local convention and one of the latest GB members was the Bethel guest. I had never heard of him. I realized that I was standing on the platform week-after-week supporting the doctrines from these men, and I didn't even know their names. That was the last straw for me. You could say it was my fault for not knowing his name, but even if I knew that, I would not know anything about how the GB operated. I started planning a way out of the WTS in a way that would not cause me to lose contact with my JW mother.

  • One of many!
    One of many!

    I took an exit for a variety of reasons. The back-stabbing and self righteous, better-than-you attitudes were too overwhelming!

  • thetrueone

    For myself it was the commercialized lies and manipulations set froth by the WTS. concerning 1975,

    there was absolutely nothing in the bible to support that after 6000 years of mans existence,

    the beginning of the seventh millennium , Christ kingdom would be established.

    Added to the fact it is technically impossible to derive at an accurate number through the use of the bible

    or documented archaeological evidence right back to Adam and Eve.

    This lying manipulation was orchestrated by the WTS. to help in the circulation of their literature

    creating both financial wealth and power for the individuals who sat on top of the tower.

    After witnessing a couple of young JWS commit suicide during and around 1975 it was

    impressed upon me to investigate and evaluate this organization with an open mind,

    I left in disgust.

  • undertheradar

    Paul from Cleveland

    Please listen to Mouthy.

    The last time I saw a comment from her to you she said some things about what had happened to you that could make you angry. When we feel depressed we feel powerless. Getting angry gives us a feeling of power that can just be enough to motivate us out of the depression to go and do something about it. Obviously I don't mean to get angry enough to do any physical damage. Please read her comments again.

    And remember we are in control of our thoughts, NOT the other way round. So look for some things about yourself you can feel good about and focus on them.

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