Did You Exit the Witnesses Due to Injustices / Difference with Doctrine-Both?

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  • flipper

    SATANUS- So you found out afterward about doctrines too, like I did ? I agree. When I read Ray Franz's book about those GB meetings I was like " What the hell ? " NO WAY these guys were appointed by holy spirit ! Crazy stuff.

    FRANKIESPEAKIN- That is pretty cool how you discovered the falsity of the witneses. I too was bored stiff at meetings. I felt like the blood was being sucked out of my brain by a cultish psychological vampire ! That is great that you had internet access at work to be able to read on the boards and discover this stuff ! I'm glad you are out ! I'm sure you are too !

    VILLABOLO- So, yes I see your point. You were upset about the same things I was. I hated how self absorbed the elders would be and self righteous as well. I bet that went over like a led balloon when you told them it was innappropriate to use the phrase " the truth " in referring to them. LOL! I'm sure that went over real smooth . But they deserved that comment from you ! I'm glad you said that to them !

    FARKEL- I agree. It was piles and piles of bull$hit they handed us. It was such pathetic reasonings on things there is no way ANY of it made sense. Whatever happened to the Erskine fellow ? Did he get proper Karma ?

    TRUTHSEEKERIAM- I'm so sorry your child was molested. That is horrible. I do hope your child is recovering with therapy & counseling I hope. But you make a very great and valid point. If the WT society doesn't hold children as important or dear- what ELSE are they being negligent or neglectful on in their teachings ? I agree.

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- I know the child abuse thing really was a very HUGE issue with you as you were definitely mistreated by elders and the WT society itself in trying to courageously fight against the proliferation of child abuse in the organization - which I commend you highly for ! You don't know how much my wife and I admire you for your tenacious fight to expose the WT society as you have done. I'm glad it was a catalyst to waking you up to OTHER injustices as well. Happy new years back to ya sis ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Farkel


    :Whatever happened to the Erskine fellow ? Did he get proper Karma ?

    Last I heard he was still in the Circuit work, in the San Diego area. He was in the Los Angeles area when I was in his worshipfulness presence. Maximus (who would know) told me this, but his information might have been out-of-date. Maximus also said that Erskine was chosen and groomed by Ted Jaracz to be a "hatchet man" for the society. He got that one right.


  • doofdaddy

    As I have made clear on this site over the years, it was the "the generation" backflip and subsequent denial that finally snapped me back to reality. Ironically, it was the society's CD that provided the background information.

    As the information came up on the screen (the history of generation in jw writings), literrally a darkness lifted off my eyes. Yep, kinda weird but I could NEVER go near a kh again. Thank you modern technology!!

    All the injustices welled up later, esp the child molesting, which I was aware of on numerous occasions. My only excuse for not contacting the authorities is that I was in a cult

  • looking4peace

    There were injustices over the years, but I always saw those as man's mistakes that I could wait on Jehovah to fix. It was really stepping outside of the box I was in and looking at religion from a world view that caused me to begin second guessing my narrow views of "the truth," the Bible, and Christianity. From there, I started examining all of the flip-flopping on doctrines, particularly the blood issue changes over time and the shunning of young ones who had made "mistakes" in their lives and received a life sentence that began to eat away at my trust in the "faithful and discreet slave." Their actions did not seem consistent with a god of love or a parent figure that I could relate to in any way, shape or form. Now, I feel more of an agnostic than anything. It's a strange place to be spiritually after 30 years of being a witness---all of those years but the last one being so sure that I had everything all figured out.

  • nugget

    I suspect that for many like me it is a combination of things.

    Although a witness for many years I held my own personal set of beliefs that I never discussed with anyone. I didn't believe the flood was a worldwide flood, I didn't thing homosexuality was necessarily learned behaviour, I didn't think men had only been around for 7,000 years or that God was going to destroy billions of people worldwide. I thought that this was ok but realised since my husband was an elder that I shouldn't share these thoughts with others. I subsequently discovered that it wasn't ok to hold private views that differed from the WTBTS.

    It was only when I started to experience the constant barrage of criticism from the BOE when someone wanted the appointment my husband had that I stopped seeing Elders as caring and started to look at the organisation anew. I had been bullied at work and started recognising the same methods within the congregation.

    When my husband had doubts and started sharing some of his research it still took a while to put the pieces together but when I compared the origins of the Mormon faith with JWs and read COC I stopped making allowances for those in authority and started to feel firstly dissappointed in them then angry. At that point I decided that my children needed freedom and a chance to build their life away from control and guilt.

  • finallysomepride

    No it was just so Bloody Boring, & damn it all! I even tried going back in 2001-2002, didn't last long.

    Everything else I have learnt about (most) since then.

  • JeffT

    I was getting rubbed the wrong way by some stuff for a long time, but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. It snapped into focus at a CA in the spring of 1988 with the whole no education thing. I realized I wanted something better for my children. About the same time my wife, who had been raised in a mainstream Christian church, starting talking about doctrinal stuff she knew was wrong. Between the two of us, it was all over.

  • four candles
    four candles

    In justices mainly. After our 15 year old son was disfellowshipped we were treated as if were disfellowshiped. I couldn't work it out!! The JC was a joke. My lad was repentant,but they didn't see it that way. So ...we tried carrying on,even trying to force our son into the hall,to no avail.

    Anyway he has grown up a soild,reliable human being,a Lance Corporal in the army,a lovely wife and a mischievous young son of his own,so I'm really proud of him.

    Big peace to you Mr Flipper,Bro!!

  • wobble

    I left because the Governing Body (FDS) put themselves in the place of Jesus. I had for years seen that 1914 was crap, but thought they would sort that out.

    After I left I found this (JWD then) and other sites, and the whole thing fell apart.

    I don't think I was ever mis-treated, or any member of my family, so I had no such issues. The Congo. I was part of was very liberal, and had a BOE filled with kind caring Elders, quite rare on both counts from what I read on here.

    I hope many more will wake up and leave, for whatever reason, and the whole evil organization will die by atrophy.



  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    i almost wish it was.

    I left because i could no longer handle guilt. Guilt about being a normal red blooded male. The battle of the flesh and spirit just plain near literally killed me. I was destroyed inside and had to escape. tha escape was traumatic to say the least. Catastrophic to my little family. I moved out to try and get some space and just never went back.

    10 years later i start finding all this 'apostate stuff'


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