Did You Exit the Witnesses Due to Injustices / Difference with Doctrine-Both?

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  • Quirky1

    The picking and choosing of scriptures and the injustices done to some members just due to status.. You can't pick and choose your scriptures!! One minute your not bound by some scriptures in Leviticus because of the two commandments Jesus set forth but then you cannot have a tattoo because of Leviticus. "BUT", it also mentions in Leviticus to "NOT" cut your beard. This is one of the main reasons I began digging for shit on the JW's..

    Plus, I seen many good people tormented to death just because of their status. It was okay for budda & sistah so and so because he was an elder and his wife was a pioneer and their wrongs were always overlooked"BUT" the good brudda & sistah regular joe who would give you the shirt off their back couldn't do those things because if they did they would be reprimanded in the back room!! You had to be in their clique. Not in the clique, look out!! What assholes!

  • flipper

    QUIRKY- Exactly. Good points you make bro. The witnesses pick and choose WHICH things they want to apply from the WT society and which things they bury. Also " class distinctions " run rampant in the JW organization with elders and their families being given preference but a normal publisher who does good things for people get maligned and looked down on. The WT society definitely have their priorities screwed up. And THAT'S putting it mildly. I too never liked cliques. I was never in them. I always liked having many different friends and aquaintances

  • undertheradar

    For me it was a mixture of differences with the doctrine, injustices, and finding what spirituality really meant to me, not what I had been told it meant as a measurement of obedience to the GB and how many meetings had been attended and hours reported.

    I started explaining this in more detail and it got too long so I have posted it as a personal experience.


  • flipper

    UNDERTHERADAR- I hear you. The GB was really good at telling us what constituted " spirituality " . It usually didn't have ANYTHING to do with displaying Godlike qualities and fruitages of the spirit. It was all production, production, production. Turning time in, conducting Bible studies, placing magazines, giving talks in the ministry school, and on and on. All the WT society is interested in is getting publishers field service reports so they can include them in the worldwide total. Just like a business or corporation wanting production. I'm glad you got out Radar ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    If any wanted to share WHY they exited the witnesses here is a good thread to share it on ! Here's to freedom of mind ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • LockedChaos

    I left for all the wrong reasons

    Never felt the need to justify them

    28 Years passed and the dissonance reared its ugly head

    Then I had to start reconciling all those feelings

    of doom and gloom (and basically the hopelessness)

    This was my first stop thanks to Google

    Was scared to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Went through the



    Wanting revenge



    Turns out all my wrong reasons

    were right. Imagine That

    I now know that it's all a scam

    Supernatural INDEED.............

  • flipper

    LOCKED CHAOS- Wow. Very interesting. So you had locked up feelings for 28 years and it all spilled out once you got on this site learning about the WT scam. I'm so glad you came to get REAL knowledge of how we were all deceived all those years. I'm glad you got your emotions out about it and were able to vent - because that way we all heal. Here's a toast to healing my friend . Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    Considering the craziness of the " generation " doctrine- thought I'd bump this up for any who'd like to comment

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