Anybody Know What Presiding Overseer's are Being Told at Bethel School ?

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  • OnTheWayOut

    There is a new Elders handbook soon, they maybe getting this.

    That's highly likely. Their old one is so outdated. But keep in mind that the biggest part of the handbook is the notes they take.
    The notes contain the stuff that makes them feel special in a James Bond way.

    Suggested new title:

    Pay Attention to Enriching the Organization and Screw the Flock.

  • twinkle toes
    twinkle toes

    Sorry, Since my mom is gone and my Dad sleeps through the meetings I no longer have an inside track.

    I don't even get the mags delivered anymore.

    Loose ends makes me think of destroying old literature, not giving literature to non deserving ones, and dfing faders and the like, that kind of stuff.


  • flipper

    I'll finish answering this page, then go to page 2.

    DREW SAGAN- Yes, I agree with you. I do believe they keep a cloak of secrecy to make elders feel like they are important in an insincere form of the GB stroking the elders ego. They throw them a bone of secrecy to keep them satisfied.

    MOSHE- Exactly. The WT society won't ever reveal why they are implementing changes in legal things to rank and file witnesses. Members truly are under " information control".

    CANTLEAVE- So there IS a new elders handbook coming out soon ? If you are still in good with one of your former elder buddies - maybe he can sneak you a look into one secretly and you could print the info here or download it ! Just a thought

  • flipper

    OTWO- Maybe they will print elders handbooks with the notes already written on the side . Would save the instructors time later. Your title is very applicable for sure in how they treat their members.

    TWINKLE TOES- Your description of " loose ends " could be very accurate. I'm sure in time the WT society will do anything and everything to become even more controlling and Nazi like . It's in their blood. I could see them DFing faders as time goes by for very trivial things. They might even invent reasons

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Our PO at the time, now CotBoE, had almost nothing to say when he returned. He recounted the examples of mishandled judicial cases. That was it.

    And he talked about all the people that know me there.

  • JeffT

    It seems there is always something "special" in the works. Eventually it turns out to be a memo telling them not to use colored paper in the fax machine or some such.

  • Dagney

    My brother went in September I think. He talked about his trip more than what went on in the school. He said that there is more documentation/paperwork of sorts. He spent a week in Brooklyn as well as at Patterson. I was surprised they didn't put him up in one of the rooms at Bethel.

    I'll try and get more info when I visit next week.

  • Elsewhere

    That's odd.... I thought the WTS said they did not have a Clergy-Laity distinction.

  • flipper

    BILLY the EX BETHELITE- So your P.O. said they talked about mishandled judicial cases ? That would indicate they are concerned about possible legal ramifications due to mishandled judicial cases . Interesting.

    JEFF T- Good one. Yeah, many times it is trivial stuff they get up in arms about. Always something new in the works.

    DAGNEY- So your brother said there is more documentation and paperwork involved now , eh ? Sounds to me like they once again are becoming more concerned about covering their legal behinds.

    ELSEWHERE- Yeah , right. The clergy class is alive and well as personified by the GB , Circuit Overseers, D.O.'s and elders for sure

  • flipper

    Going to work later all night- wanted to bump this to the top if any wanted to comment. Thanks, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

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