Anybody Know What Presiding Overseer's are Being Told at Bethel School ?

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  • TweetieBird

    Received a call this evening from a family member about this very subject. Apparently her PO just returned from Bethel and she wanted to let me know the highlights of his trip.

    1) We are very close to the end now (that's a new one).

    2) Don't be surprised if the government steps in and closes Bethel and the kingdom halls - so important to stay close to family.

  • moshe

    If they close up the KH's it will be for fraud- pretending to be a charitable religion.

  • life is to short
    life is to short

    The more they ban something and keep harping on how bad it is the more appealing it becomes I have heard. It makes you wonder why they keep talking about pornography all the time. It is almost like they are pushing ones into it. I find it strange how much is written on pornography it is almost like they are getting off on it themselves.

    Also the PO in my hall was all excited because they told him the end of this system was very, very, very close and that is all I have heard from any of the so called friends. I do not go to the meetings but every once in while I will tie in by phone. Last week the PO was the same old jerk he always has been. Nothing profound came out of his month. Only the same stupid things he has always spewed. Honestly I do not think this man is that bright though so that may be part of it.


  • flipper

    CAMEO-D- Good points you make. The WT society does influence members by mind control and remote influences for sure. They network through the Witness only Watchtower and meetings, assemblies, and other means. Authoritative elders, C.O.'s D.O.'s all work at intimidating rank and file witnesses through guilt and fear to control them.

    SLAYERBARD- Spititual gems indeed. I like that expression " polishing a turd ". Funny stuff. Very applicable here.

    PISTOFF- Indeed the WT society has ALWAYS been prudish when it comes to sex. And because they are so restricitive about watching nude entertainment with their members, no X-rated or R movies - it creates the curiosity effect in members thinking sex is some " holy grail " or something. So they get even MORE into porn than normal non-witness people would. They get so hung up on nudity- yet they allow members to watch very violent movies where people bludgeon each other and maim each other. Strange reasonings

  • flipper

    TWEETIE BIRD- That is very interesting what you are saying. Of course they'd tell elders we are very close to the end. But it seems they are trying to scare the elders about possible alleged " persecution " from the governments towards Bethel and the congregations. I see their ploy here. It's to make the elders take this false sense of " urgency " back to the publishers in the congregations and use this to control them through fear of what MIGHT happen in the future. Also by telling elders that " we all may be persecuted " it has the effect of trying to draw the rank and file witnesses closer together so they'll depend on each other more. Because they see a trend of witnesses drawing apart and becoming apathetic this will pull them back in. I see the WT society working it here. You know - Hey we all suffer together, die together type crap. It's really scary when you think about it. Very cultish.

    MOSHE- I do hope someday they close the kingdom halls for fraud. Literally ! I hope some big wig WT rep runs off with all the money to the Caimans and it hits the main news ! A person can only dream.

    LIFE IS TOO SHORT- I agree. The more they talk about porn the more people will want to look at it. It's like when they discuss oral sex in their WT articles with 7 or 8 year olds sitting there at the kingdom hall, I mean come on. Then discussing how if teenagers mutually masturbate each other it is the same as fornication ? That will make all teenagers even MORE curious about doing that because they keep talking abot it at meetings ! Really weird.

    You've told me about your P.O. before. He sounds like a pontificating buffoon. So he's still spouting off about how VERY CLOSE the end is ? I guarantee you his end on the planet is closer than any alleged Armageddon

  • OnTheWayOut

    Flipper, they may be preemptively striking.
    2) Don't be surprised if the government steps in and closes Bethel and the kingdom halls - so important to stay close to family.
    That means, "We closed your Kingdom Hall before the government took it away. We needed the money for waxing the ivory tower."

    " we all may be persecuted "

    That means they are going to ask the elders to understand when WTS doesn't stand behind them on a lawsuit. They should just take one for the team. "It's not us, it's Satan."

  • flipper

    OTWO- You may be right. My wife and I read and discussed your post here and she said, " Yeah, they may be getting ready for more lawsuits and something may be in the works. " My wife's exact comments. I think something is up. They may be preparing elders to fall on their swords as you say and view it as persecution from Satan - not what it really is - coercion from the GB and Bethel. Very interesting

    P.S. Man - YOU are up late ! I've got to work at 4:30 A.M. so I need to get to bed and get away from this computer ! LOL! Peace out again, Mr. Flipper

  • flipper

    Wanted to bump this thread up if anyone has heard anything from lurking elders about the P.O. elders training school

  • flipper

    I was wondering if the new generation teaching was emphasized in this latest P.O. school they had at Bethel ? If so- you know the P.O.'s are taking this info to their fellow elders ! Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • Slayerbard

    sounds like me there going to be going off the "main stream" religion route..and just being a publishing company soon. Or there having a going out of business soon. Sides didn't they ALWAYS say government would close FALSE religions down FIRST, THEN turn on the Watchtower??? Hmm they are up to something me thinks.

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