Anybody Know What Presiding Overseer's are Being Told at Bethel School ?

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  • flipper

    SLAYERBARD- I think the WT society is into staying in business - and that's just it- they ARE up to something , being a publishing company masqerading as God's answer to the universe to 6 million people - but really are a dangerous mind control cult. They just want to fleece the flock of their $$$$$$ . Keep the scam going, that's all

  • agonus

    The WT is beyond beating a dead horse.

    They raised the horse from a colt, (cult?) beating it all the while, the horse died, they kept beating it, a kind neighbor buried the horse, then they dug up the horse to beat it some more, ate the horse, crapped it out, beat the shit out of the shit, flushed it, and are now waiting patiently at the sewage processing plant...

  • flipper

    AGONUS- I agree. The WT society is a dead rotting horse with a stinking carcass

  • yknot

    If we did go off the 'mainstream' path......

    And they did sell of KHs probably to avoid taxation in say the EU

    Would we return to the pre-1935 arrangement for meeting?

    Than again it really is just the same ole same ole........except spinning the FWN the same as the old bookstudy arrangement

  • flipper

    YKNOT - Pardon my ignorance , but what WAS the " pre-1935 arrangement for meeting " ? I'm just curious, I must have missed reading about that. Thanks for the info

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