Anybody Know What Presiding Overseer's are Being Told at Bethel School ?

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  • freydo

    Should A Pastor Rule Over You?

    "Authoritarianism in the church is one of the most serious problems that Christian churches face today. Authoritarian regimes(GB) and political machines within Christian churches are not only totally unbiblical, but they empower men to take a church anywhere they wish, bypassing the normal checks and balances found in the Bible. A church that has given control to a single man (often called a Senior Pastor - PO) or to a small group of men (often called a board of elders-SC) is helplessly tossed about in very dangerous waves..."


  • WTWizard

    I suppose this means the lead hounder is going to have the power to do whatever he can to enforce whatever the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger says. Meaning: Anyone suspected of having R- movies or rap and heavy metal music can have it confiscated by the hounders at the directive of the lead hounder.

  • darth frosty
    darth frosty

    Maybe they need to go here for there custom anti-apostate browser.

  • Mary

    Maybe they're handing out their long-awaited diplomas:

  • MarkSutter

    Note from the watchtower's new software: please disable all anti virus, malware, spyware detectors before you install our software. It simply won't work if you don't.

  • OnTheWayOut

    I reported on here that a couple of years ago, I ran into my P.O. at LaGuardia Airport, NYC. I was on the same plane as him, returning home. He had just come from his week-long training. I was fully faded from activity, but just recently. So I was the very first "sheep" from his flock to cross his path after he was spiritually revitalized to more fully assist the sheep.

    Instead of sitting down near me and "encouraging" me, he avoided me for more than an hour. (I saw him make eye-contact with me, then duck away to another area of the terminals. Finally, he sat down in the same row as me, but way way down at the other end of the waiting area. I thought it was so silly, so I went right up to him and shook his hand. He nearly flipped out that I would just approach like it was no big deal (and it was no big deal).

    He said he had just been to the school. I kept giving him openings to tell me something about it or to "encourage" me.

    ME: "So what did you learn?"

    P.O.: "It was all very uplifting."
    (Notice- he offered nothing.)

    ME: "Did they cover procedural stuff, how to better handle situations, stuff like that?"

    P.O.: "No, it was entirely spiritual."
    (Notice he stops short of explaining anything again. Plus, his answer is BS. I know they cover procedure, yet he denies it.)

    ME: "Anything new?"

    P.O.: "Some was new. Mostly, it was just reminders."
    (He still won't give the slightest details.)

    I concluded that he was instructed to be tight-lipped. They make these guys feel very special like they have some insider information.
    I know he blew his chance to encourage the first cong. member he encountered. I am kind of proud that I could be that intimidating.

  • flipper

    AUSSIE OZ- That is a great thing you are doing protecting your children from religion. I wish more parents would do that !

    FINALLYSOMEPRIDE- Their own browser with favorites ? Interesting. Do you have more information ?

    FREYDO- Exactly- thanks for that information. It's the one thing I explained to my older elder JW dad when leaving the witnesses 6 years ago. That there is NO check system on Elders , Circuit Overseers or District Overseers if they start giving counsel off the top of their heads with their own personal opinions to rank and file witnesses. It's a real problem. No real records are kept of WHAT counsel elders give the members of the congregation. Elders are given WAY too much power while not being monitored closely enough.

    WTWIZARD- I always got hassled by elders, ministerial servants, or my then JW wife for listening to Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, or ANY of the blues and rock n roll I liked ! They thought I was getting possessed by demons or something ! LOL! Truth of the matter is the GB is more possessed than I EVER was !

    DARTH FROSTY- Thanks for the link. The WT society could try ANY anti-apostate browser they want but it will NEVER stop us ! LOL!

    MARY- That is pretty funny Mary ! The WT society and GB ARE masters of bull$hit for sure so I'm sure they qualify for MULTIPLE diploma's you are mentioning ! LOL!

    MARK SUTTER- So that's the note from the WT society's new software ? To disable antivirus and spyware detectors before installing ? Interesting. I wonder why they would have people do that ? ( Remember I'm a computer dummie a bit archaic) so give me some insight please .

    OTWO- Yes, I remember you sharing that discussion with that P.O. in the airport. He ESPECIALLY wouldn't share any elders meeting info with you since you stopped going to meetings. But they won't share ANY info with ANY active publishers either. As you said they are made to feel important like they are in some clandestine secret society or something , i,e. James Bond secret agent type $hit that no one else can know or be informed what they are up to. Can't let out their secrets ! It's really ridiculous

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    I think otwo hit the nail on the head. The WTS promotes a culture of secrecy in order to make low order leaders within the group feel more important. The information is quite superfluous, yet when layered with false importance individuals "in the know" believe they have been given a real privilege, one that is more unique than telling people they have the "privilege" to go out in field service .

  • moshe

    Yeah, they don't really share the legal reasons why their lawyers want these changes implemented.

  • cantleave

    There is a new Elders handbook soon, they maybe getting this.

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