Hi, Im newly out

by carpediem 54 Replies latest jw friends

  • Casper


    Hope you enjoy it here, and congrats on your newfound freedom...


  • Quandry

    Great to have you here! Look forward to hearing more from you.

  • mouthy

    Welcome!!! Lovely to have you join us...

    Go slow with hubby,they will tell him your
    demonized...If you love him,,,, Make sure you LOVE him!!!http://exjw.weebly.com/

    Mouthy/Granny/ Grace Gough

  • whoknows

    Welcome. It is nice to begin using your mind again, isn't it? Enjoy your freedom from the "lie". (I like that)

  • carpediem

    Thanks for your warm and very quick welcome! Its nice to be on board, sitting here reading through some of your posts, with a glass of Baileys, knowing there is no field service for me tomorrow, or the next Saturday or the next or the next....

  • creativhoney

    Good job. You were honest in pulling off the band-aid quickly. More people should follow your example. But whatever you do, do not turn your back on the Bible like many of these Ex-Jws. If you deny God you're better off staying in there.

    Im sorry isnt that a little bigoted? many people have many beliefs. - why is it better to stay if it makes your life miserable.

    oh and carpdiem, nice to meet you, where are you from?

  • carpediem

    Hi Creavtivhoney

    I am from the midlands in England.

    Jonathan Dough - actually its the Bible I have a problem with, which led to my exit. I don't believe it is inspired of God, just written by man. Too many things don't add up. Also, I haven't believed in God for a long time. Just gone through the motions. I have seriously wanted to believe, but cannot accept a loving God would leave us with nothing more than a book about how to live the right way. I mean, a real father, one that really cared, would not be an absent father. He wouldnt leave us in any doubt about his existence, leaving those who do believe in him squabbling and quarreling over whose translation of a certain scripture is right or wrong. He would be in our lives, we would know he existed and could make a choice to serve him based on fact not faith. Thats what a real father would be like, in my view.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite


    Good Luck with your husband and best friend.

  • leavingwt


  • 2pink

    hi and welcome. i've only been here a short time myself, but have found this place to be a great resource for support and much needed comic relief!

    i did the same sudden disappearing act that you did. once i decided the "truth" was just crap, i could not bring myself to go back to the KH and let them steal one more minute of my life.

    keep working on your husband....mine took a while to warm up to the idea, but now he totally agrees it is a poor excuse for a religion. now if only i could get my sister to let me talk to her about it, i'd be happy.

    good luck on your exit....i've been happier in these last 2 months since i've been out than i have been at any other time! and yes, weekends rock! now i finally understand the whole "TGIF" thing. i used to think "oh crap, it's friday....i have early morning alarms, hours at the KH, hours in FS and many guilt trips ahead of me!"

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