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  • carpediem

    Nice to be here and look forward to meeting you all. I made a very sudden exit from 'the lie' approx 5 months ago. Was going to try and slowly fade but couldnt do it. I just couldnt keep going, giving up my valuable time to listen to such drivel. So I just stopped. Still having the shepherding calls - yawn. I only have two regrets so far. My husband who is still in. My best friend who I dont want to lose. I am working on both. In the meantime, I love the weekends now and all this lovely stuff called time! Life is better on the outside, no doubt about it.

    carpe diem

  • littlebird

    Welcome, my husband is still in to. Yes, the weekends are much nicer.

  • Jadeen

    Welcome to the board! There's a bunch of advice on here for people in your situation. Good luck!

  • jonathan dough
    jonathan dough

    Good job. You were honest in pulling off the band-aid quickly. More people should follow your example. But whatever you do, do not turn your back on the Bible like many of these Ex-Jws. If you deny God you're better off staying in there.

    Use some of this against the ones you left behind and the stalkers:


  • palmtree67

    Welcome, seize the day!

  • NewYork44M

    Welcome. Congratulations on a job well done!

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Congratulations on your journey out and welcome to the board! Please keep in mind that any spiritual path you end up taking must be for you because you want it. Even not taking a path at all is cool, but it has to be what YOU want, not what others want for you. You are in control of your desteny and no one should ever tell you how to do it. It's a personal journey:)

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  • yknot

    Glad you found us........

  • wantstoleave


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