Extra Extra read all about it. Study Article PDF to be posted on www.jw.org

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    drew sagan

    I can easily see them dispense with offering periodical magazines in the ministry, and switch over to just tracts, books, and other things. It would mean greater effeciency for those offering literature, and for them, since they would only have to publish the mags for publishers.

    I think you are generally correct, but are missing an important point. The magazines are not important for their ministry, rather, they are important for controlling the flock. The Watchtower magazine(not Awake!, that thing is superfluous) is an important tool in communicating a steady flow of WTS information directly to the JW for about an hour each week (not counting personal reading of the magazine). It creates the "official" line of communication between leader and follower. There really can be no other media that replaces this in the WT system.

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    If anyone got the letter could you please post a link here?

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    It asks for a username and password when I try to download it.

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    Nevermind, it let me download it now.

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    Sendspace: http://www.sendspace.com/file/gxx3i1

    November 2, 2009


    Re: Study articles of The Watchtower on the jw.org Web site

    Dear Brothers:

    We are pleased to inform you that the study articles in the English edition of The Watch-tower will be made available as PDF files in the public area of the jw.org Web site. This should be helpful to brothers who live in countries where their mother tongue is not spoken and who have difficulty obtaining their magazines in time for the Watchtower Study in their congregation. During the month of December 2009, English files for the issues of January 15, February 15, and March 15, 2010, will be posted on the site in two different formats. Thereafter, beginning with the issue of April 15, 2010, PDF files will be posted at the same time as the English audio files. The study articles in other languages will be added to the site as they become available. You will be able to print out the study articles in the following two formats.

    The regular-size study articles for each issue will be in a single PDF file. The file will in-clude a cover sheet with the publishers’ information in the header, schedules from the original printed cover (study dates, titles, song numbers), and the “Purpose of Study Articles” text from page 2. Commercial artwork for which we do not have approval to distribute electronically will be replaced with a generic image. Also, any portion of a nonstudy article that shares the same page with part of a study article will be deleted.

    Each issue of the large-print edition will be distributed in two PDF files to match the two parts of each issue of the printed edition of The Watchtower—Large-Print. This will require printing out 64 pages, but it will no doubt be helpful to brothers with poor eyesight.

    Only the six current issues of the study edition of The Watchtower in both formats will be available on the jw.org Web site. The files will be removed after they have been available for six months.

    We send our warm Christian love and best wishes.

    Your brothers,

    PS to coordinator of the body of elders:

    At the next Service Meeting, please arrange for an announcement to be made to the congregation that a letter on the above-noted subject has been posted on the information board.

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    Just curious....but is the word "Congregations" in the closing mispelled?

    The reason I ask this is because, in the past, I have noticed that they have hidden themselves legally by changing a letter or deliberately mispelling a word in order to FORM A NEW CORPORATION.

    I am wondering should the word "congregation" be plural?

    The spelling above looks like "Congregatios".

    Are my eyes crooked, or does it look like this to anyone else?

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    It is not misspelled.

  • Aussie Oz
    Aussie Oz

    Hang on!

    am i understanding some of this this thread right? There are two watchtower magazines?

    One for door to door selling/donating/give away and another for the JW themselves? With different content?

    what the hell? If so, when did this happen?

    When i was still in, they were all the same... i mean we could grab one of the field sevice copies to use at the meeting if we misplaced our subcription copy.


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