Extra Extra read all about it. Study Article PDF to be posted on www.jw.org

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  • jah1914

    Just got this excerpt from a friend who is an elder all excited about how Jah's people are using technology. Guess we won't have to provide links anymore.


    We are pleased to inform you that the study articles in the English edition of The Watch-tower will be made available as PDF files in the public area of the jw.org Web site. This should be helpful to brothers who live in countries where their mother tongue is not spoken and who have difficulty obtaining their magazines in time for the Watchtower Study in their congregation. During the month of December 2009, English files for the issues of January 15, February 15, and March 15, 2010, will be posted on the site in two different formats. Thereafter, beginning with the issue of April 15, 2010, PDF files will be posted at the same time as the English audio files. The study articles in other languages will be added to the site as they become available. You will be able to print out the study articles in the following two formats.

    The regular-size study articles for each issue will be in a single PDF file. The file will in-clude a cover sheet with the publishers’ information in the header, schedules from the original printed cover (study dates, titles, song numbers), and the “Purpose of Study Articles” text from page 2. Commercial artwork for which we do not have approval to distribute electronically will be replaced with a generic image. Also, any portion of a nonstudy article that shares the same page with part of a study article will be deleted.

  • grassyknoll07

    So much for the accusation of 'members-only' and 'secret' watchtower.

  • bohm

    why the hell they dont just replace the copyrighted images and slap the whole thing online is beyond me, but oh well.

    I also saw a strange thing on watchtower.org the other day, there was a small internet 'game' where you had to match images with scriptures. It would seem they are adopting a different, more open, media strategy. Thumps of to the watchtower for opening up, even just a little bit!

    Wonder what is next? a heavily moderated internet forum on watchtower.org where all postings need to be 'approved'?

  • Mickey mouse
    Mickey mouse

    How long will it be before they stop printing the WT? Each congregation will be responsible for printing their own from the website.


  • willyloman

    With everyone in the audience holding sheets of paper that they printed from their home computer, there should be no further criticism of publishers who show up with all the scriptures (in the study article) printed out. However, this will really irritate the old guard dubs.

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Awesome! Now the friends can download the Watchtower Study and Internet porn, all at the same time. Praise Jaracz.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The file will in-clude a cover sheet with the publishers’ information in the header

    That sounds like people will have to register which means they will have puublishers IP addresses and could easily track which websites people have come from. So if a person is on this website and then goes to pick up their study article the WTS will know it

  • ColdRedRain

    "Just got this excerpt from a friend who is an elder all excited about how Jah's people are using technology. Guess we won't have to provide links anymore."

    Meanwhile, the rest of us have been using this same technology for 20 years.

  • bohm

    Lady Lee: They do not even require the IP. All they need to do is to create a simple login system where you got to supply your name and congregation when you register. The elders can then weed out any fake accounts. Then they can use the usual javascript history hacks to check if a given set of blacklisted sites have been visited - jwfacts, silentlambs, whatever is deemed apostate. Or alternatively, they can just require a custom active-x plugin to be installed.

    At any rate, i think it would backfire in a major way if they even *dreamed* about using that information, or when it became known they even recorded it.

  • dgp

    I agree with Lady Lee. It is very easy to keep track of IP addresses. I am not sure if that means they can track which website you come from, unless they use spyware (which is not that unbelievable a thing to happen). For those curious, you can buy Anonymizer (www.anonymizer.com). One solution costs 29.99 a year as we speak. The most expensive solution costs US$ 100. Just google "anonymous surfing" and you will find options. And, who says you can't surf the internet in an internet cafe?

    Also, I am not sure if USB modems can be used to surf "anonymously". I mean this device: http://www.zte.com.au/main/MF636.htm. You can have your usual IP provider, which you can use to connect to the society, and then you can use this device to connect THROUGH A DIFFERENT NETWORK, therefore, using a different IP, to the rest of the web. The geeks might say if this is an easy solution, but I believe it is.

    I also agree that this is meant to cut costs. The brothers and sisters will print their own stuff. On the other hand, this will create another problem. There will be no way to doctor the Watchtower in the future, because there will be many copies out there.

    However, it will not have an effect on the books and the magazines meant for the worldlies, because, if not many people read the Watchtower or Awake! anyways, just imagine how many will willingly download them. This is not a good solution in many of the poorer countries, where some people don't have access to the web. And, how are they going to get rid of that printing behemoth without losses? How many hateful worldlies would become witnesses without a brother or sister by their side? That is why they are restricting the internet access to the study versions.

    Which means you will be able to post them here, and the worldlies might eventually get to know what the real thing is before they enter. There is a reason why they restrict the access to study versions.

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