Extra Extra read all about it. Study Article PDF to be posted on www.jw.org

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  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep

    But they didn't say publisher , they said publishers’

    One thing you can't slag off the WT for is poor grammar.

  • Gordy

    Haven't the study WT been available as a mp3 download for a long while.

  • MidwichCuckoo
  • sir82

    Wow, this is happening sooner than I thought. I figured that sometime within the next 3-5 years, the entire "study edition" Watchtower, along with the KM, would be PDF only. With this first step already done, maybe the changeover will happen even sooner.

    Incidentally, they've already stopped mailing out letters to the Body of Elders. All letters now appear in the "members only" section, where you need to log in with a password to access them.

  • yknot

    So Sir82 can we take your comments as a confirmation that said LTR exists!

  • peacedog

    bohm said:

    That software is totally redundant. I think all browsers allow for anonymous surfing, or at least give a very easy way to delete the history. I use firefox, it can allow for totally anonymous surfing, ie. no cookies, no history.
    Also, the IP is not really relevant since it is difficult to tie it to a name and many have dynamic ips.

    Deleting the history, not saving cookies, etc is not the same thing as anonymous surfing. Anonymous surfing refers to preventing the web site you visit from identifying you through your IP address - nothing to do with browser history or cookies.

    A dynamic IP doesn't change anything. Your internet provider has a registered pool of IP addresses at their disposal, one of which they assign to you. That IP can be very easily tracked to your internet provider, who will have a record of who that particular IP was assigned to at any given time.

  • sir82
    So Sir82 can we take your comments as a confirmation that said LTR exists!

    I actually haven't seen the letter yet - I'll look later. But the stilted language of the snippet in the OP certainly sounds legitimate.

  • WalkTall

    What I can't understand is that if they are going to be reducing their printing needs by online access, and the mags that are being printed are going to be eventually all done in Canada, why all the purchasing of property in upstate NY? They've recently purchased 2 different sites for future building. Even considering they evacuate totally out of Brooklyn, why is all this additional property needed when they still have Wallkill and Patterson? I often wonder what they are up to, but no one seems to know.

  • undercover
    So much for the accusation of 'members-only' and 'secret' watchtower.

    That was my initial reaction as well. But then again, the Society pretty much lost the battle of keeping the study copy confidential among the dubs so why not just post it online and let the dubbies incur the costs of printing it...

    I'm curious, as are others, about this statement:

    The file will in-clude a cover sheet with the publishers’ information in the header...

    Who are the publishers? It would be interesting if the rank and file had to fill out some kind of on-line registration in order to download the PDF, but for some reason I don't think that's the case. Time will tell, I guess.

  • Olin Moyles Ghost
    Olin Moyles Ghost

    "So much for the accusation of 'members-only' and 'secret' watchtower."

    The whole idea of the study WT being "secret" is a bit overblown in my opinion. There's nothing secret in there, it's just got more WT/JW mumbo-jumbo and cuts to the chase more quickly than the public WT. Anyone visiting a KH on Sunday can get a study WT. When the study WT was first announced, I recall reading JWD threads stating that visitors to Sunday meetings would be allowed to use a study WT but would be required to return it before leaving. Of course, this is complete B.S.

    "The file will in-clude a cover sheet with the publishers’ information in the header."

    This is probably referring to the copyright info that's present in print versions of the WT and Awake. But the statement is ambiguous and I could be wrong...

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