Extra Extra read all about it. Study Article PDF to be posted on www.jw.org

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  • daniel-p

    Pretty soon I bet they'll just have one Awake and WT magazine per month... oh wait.

    Pretty soon I bet they'll just put the magazines on the Internet for people to download and print on demand... oh wait.

    Pretty soon I bet they'll find a way to stop printing magazines alltogether, while still claiming that the Watchtower is still being published by issuing it online.

  • booby

    This has been available as audio download for some time. I'm sure this is a response to (complaints)/ass kissing to have hard copy. Also do you really think they were happy being one-upped by the "apostates" providing meat in due season before they were? Keep the jwy's off the "bad" sites to get the convenience of these files.

  • daniel-p

    Who are the publishers? It would be interesting if the rank and file had to fill out some kind of on-line registration in order to download the PDF, but for some reason I don't think that's the case. Time will tell, I guess.

    This is interesting. They may try to do some lame secure-access thing, where a publisher needs some sort of pass-key to logon, or open the file. The thing about PDF files is they have various security options... maybe they'll try to make it so they can't be copied, but only printed. Of course, PDF security is a joke, so I'm sure if they try this certain JWs and apostates will have no trouble circumventing whateer measures they have in place to minimize the proliferation of electronic copyrighted files.

  • BluesBrother
    The regular-size study articles for each issue will be in a single PDF file. The file will in-clude a cover sheet with the publishers’ information in the header, schedules from the original printed cover (study dates, titles, song numbers), and the “Purpose of Study Articles” text from page 2

    I read that as referring to their own details as the publisher of the material. As far as stopping the printing of the study copy? I think that would be a long way away, if ever. They are not here encouraging them to download rather than have a printed copy. What about the copy being retained for reference? They know that a lot of them do not have computers and the net. Would they be encouraging them to do so?

    As far as I see right now, it seems to be what they say. A response to late deliveries of the English edition to other countries. Perhaps too many high profile missionaries complained. They may want to stop mailing them abroad.

    BTW Black Sheep said

    One thing you can't slag off the WT for is poor grammar.

    Over here we were always criticizing the grammer in the WT ...Often American English .....

  • MissingLink
    So much for the accusation of 'members-only' and 'secret' watchtower.

    It's still a "members-only" thing since they are not presenting it at the doors, just like the "members only" KM.

  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    PDF magazines may be used to compliment the WTS publishing work, but that ceartainly doesn't meant that printed magazines are on their way out.

    I could be wrong, but I believe they actually still produce hard copies of the material currently available online (mp3 files). The idea of using the web is to cut down on the costs of tangible media, not to eliminate it. Not all JWs have internet access, printers, mp3 players, ect. Do some of you reall believe that pdf files will be it? What about older people who can't use a computer? The idea of a totally digital Watchtower is abusd. They will simple use it to cut costs where they can, and that's about it.

    As for 'tracking' members IP address I think the imagination on this board is astounding. The WTS doesn't care that much. Sure, if something is obvious (active member owning a ex-jw/anti-jw website) something could (I stress COULD) happen. But the amount of resources necessary to mine the kind of data people are talking about here would be huge.

    The main thrust of the WTS/JW agenda is focused around information found in printed magazines, and it will remain that way for a long time to come. The Elders in local congregations will continue to be the tool used to control the flock. My guess is the magazines will go live in pdf with no security barriers. It would simply be too complicated to implement. The only people that have an interest in the PDF files besides JWs are ex-jws, and the WTS has already shown that their intersts in the activities of ex-members is nominal at best.

    Additionally, to believe that there will be some paradigm shift away from this model is to ignore 100 years of watchtower history.

  • doinmypart

    Publishers' info in header probably refers to a place for Name, Cong, City; or something along those lines. In the front of some of the new publications there is a page that says "This copy belongs to..." and space for the person (Cong Publisher) to write their name and congregation info. A bit juvenile, reminds me of grade school.

  • daniel-p

    PDF magazines may be used to compliment the WTS publishing work, but that ceartainly doesn't meant that printed magazines are on their way out.

    I can easily see them dispense with offering periodical magazines in the ministry, and switch over to just tracts, books, and other things. It would mean greater effeciency for those offering literature, and for them, since they would only have to publish the mags for publishers.

  • besty
    That IP can be very easily tracked to your internet provider, who will have a record of who that particular IP was assigned to at any given time.

    In the UK it would require a Court Order for the ISP to release customer details to a 3rd party. Having said that some fairly specific information about general location of a surfer is sometimes in the public domain.

    Anybody concerned about privacy should look at http://www.torproject.org/

    It allows free anonymous browsing and the software can be installed on a USB thumb drive so you can surf anonymously from any computer where you have access to a USB port.

    Fundamentally I agree with drew sagan - the WTS doesn't give a sh*t about the rank and file - don't forget in a perverse way they depend on membership turnover - the JW religion is a loss-leader for the property and investment business.

  • yknot

    Weren't there RUMORS coming out of Spain regarding the WTS eyeing E-readers?

    If they could get a majority of their R&F to switch over to a e-reader format it would save $$$$$$$.

    I remind the forum that the 'boys' who came when our KH was paid off earlier this year had kindles.

    Makes you wonder if a 'solon society' corporation will be set up to wholesale e-readers to the R&F.

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