In the Interests of Unity Between us Brits and You Yanks...

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  • babygirl75

    How do you mean Highdose? How else are you to use a knife and fork?

    I just count my blessings when I see people actually using utensils instead of just their hands! lol

  • undercover
    How else are you to use a knife and fork?

    I've got some suggestions...

  • babygirl75

    I didn't ask if you wanted to fork! lol

  • sacolton

    British power wall socket:


    American power wall socket:

  • undercover
    I didn't ask if you wanted to fork! lol

    LOL...well, I actually meant for what highdose could do with them...

    (and was just kidding, highdose. We like to take the piss out of you Brits)

  • restrangled

    I've heard some pretty funny swearing from Brits. One of the words was already mentioned, but another funny is bullocks. Sounds like our Bullshixxt.

    Brits have produced the best music in most cases.

    One of my favorite scenes in a movie between Brits and typical Americans: In its a Mad Mad Mad Mad World (1963) with Terry Thomas and Sid Caesar and the ensuing fist fight. You can't help but laugh at our differences and common backgrounds at the same time!!!

    I'm trying to find it on yoUtube.....


  • sacolton

    What is a:


  • Magwitch

    Restrangled - I love that scene!!!!

    The wall socket picture reminded me of the scene in the movie "Just Married" where Ashton tries to plug in a vibrator in this gorgeous Swiss Chalet Hotel socket and cannot figure out how to plug it in and finally ends up burning the place down.

  • Newborn

    I'm neither Brit or American but what annoys me is that you insist to spell the same word differently and I never know if it's british english or american english

    traveling with 1 or 2 L's?

    lose with 1 or 2 O's?

    choose 1 or 2 O's? etc

    maybe it's not that important but can be confusing for a Swede

  • babygirl75

    *raises hand*

    I know the Randy one!!! yeah baby! lol

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