In the Interests of Unity Between us Brits and You Yanks...

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  • sacolton

    Flipper, sometimes there's no carpet when you shag. Woo hoo!

  • Robdar
    Re "knocking you up in the morning" - this goes back to the days before alarm clocks and when folks had to get up really early to go to work in the factories and mills. Someone - a 'knocker-upper' - would be employed to go round the houses with a long pole so they could tap on bedroom windows to wake everyone up in time.

    I love it!

    Thanks for the education, sad emo.

  • sooner7nc
  • sooner7nc
  • beksbks

    Oh man, I love Catherine Tate Show!!!

  • sooner7nc
  • yknot

    The first time I was in London my first outing to a deli went something like this.....

    First I was asked if I was in the 'que/cue?', than I heard one of the counter persons saying they were going to the loo and out to have a fag, the handsome fella said to me 'you next love' I stepped up and ordered a sandwich ....... and now here is the kicker!!!

    The sandwich didn't have Miracle Whip, mayonaise, or even mustard.......rather the bread had been slathered with what my Nana calls 'oleo'

    The tea was good most of the time and I even learned how to like hot with milk. (but iced is still the best!)

  • AGuest

    That not all Californians live in Hollywood... or want to? That in fact, we have quite a bit of rural area out here... that, indeed, the deer and the antelope STILL "roam" (along with mountail lions, possums, coyotes, raccoons, and other sundry vermin)?

    Oh, wait... you're a Brit... and not a New Yawker... or Johnny Reb... or Corn Husker... or any other non-Californian citizen who thinks all Californians have stars in their eyes... or on their... well, choose a body part (although, quite a bit of us are tatted or pierced and wear bikinis/no shirts when we're under 3... uh, 25...)

    Peace... ya'll!

    A slave of Christ,

    SA, on her own...

  • freddo

    Yes, we Brits definitely do have a ground/earth pin which is used on our electrical plugs/sockets. In a properly working type G (known as a 13amp plug/socket although it should carry a lower fuse for lower rated appliances) plug/socket the earth pin is longer than the other two and by pushing it in it will open the other two (live and neutral) terminals.

    However - some smaller wattage appliances do not have the earth pin wired up on their plugs as their leads/cables are only two-wire.

    I put it to the jury that Cadbury's dairy milk chocolate is the best chocolate! Discuss.


  • freddo

    OOOH! Just noticed the clip above in Beksbks post with Richard Briers and the "stunningly plain" Penelope Keith as Margo in the Good Life - the complete opposite of the "pretty and pert" Felicity Kendal (the blonde one) (the latter was quite rightly voted "rear of the year" throughout the 70's and 80's). And Paul Eddington who plays her long suffering husband went on (before his sad early death) to play in Yes, Minister! alongside the utterly brilliant Nigel Hawthorne (Title role in the Madness of King George III).

    A set of British institutions.

    My all time favourite (note spelling please!) American show with Veronica Hamel, Daniel Traventi et al was/is Hill Street Blues. Quality.

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