On the personal side (question for women)

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  • Son of Man
    Son of Man

    Now I know you are a man and this model is a woman/girl.

    But, I figure what you resist persists. Have you ever heard the expression, "What you resist persists"...?

    SOM...my suggestion is if you have nothing going on with this woman/girl... then let the whole thing go. Don't bring it to life.

    Yes I am male and she is female. I have not heard of that expression. There is no pursuit of anything from my part and she is well aware of my position. So in this way is has gone by. What left lingering was why she would state that her and I slept together when in fact we did not. She stated it to a male friend of hers so might have been trying to impress him? Not that being with me would be impressive, however I carry a degree of popularity so she might have said it to raise her status. That is the "only" thing that would make sense. Other then that I have no clue.

    But I will look into the saying you mentioned and see what I find. Thank you for your response.....


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