What's the worst you ever experienced while preaching?

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  • AllTimeJeff

    Being chased down one of the busiest streets of Yaounde Cameroon by a crazy man with a knife. That sucked.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    Stuck in a car in the middle of summer with a family who didn't believe in deoderant.

  • cantleave

    When I was about 13 or 14 working with an ancient old sister (one of the "annointed") who thought it was appropriate to talk in graphic detail about puberty and the facts of life.... WTF!

  • Magwitch

    My father's toupee coming off in the wind.

    At least we never had to go out in service when it was windy again (I prayed for wind every Saturday morning)

  • Gordy

    Personnally on all the 30 years I was a JW, I never had a bad experience while preaching.
    I never got yelled at or chased off property. Had a few dogs bark at me, but never had any set on me.

    In fact in my congregation it was very very rare anything happened to any brother/sister.
    I can only recall one brother being shouted at and a sister had a bucket of water thrown over her, which later turned out to be an accident.

    The only things that happened to me were doors being answered by very scantily clad females, or walking into gardens and finding them sunbathing topless, on a couple of occasions naked. Also would get men doing the same, usually trying to put me off.

    I recall preaching one afternoon, and a young guy (20's) answered the door. But he sort of half hid behind it, I could see he had no top on.
    We chatted for a 2-3 minutes, then a female voice shouted from upstairs "Are you coming back up, I'm waiting."
    So I finished up and said bye to him.

    I often wonder when did he realise that the door he was try to hide behind was glass fronted and I could see quite clearly that he was totally naked.

  • daniel-p

    There was this one time I was out in service with a group and the sister driving her car for us had a last bit of territory to do before the end of the day. It had just started raining, but we decided to do this one last door. So we pull up into the driveway, and she and I get out and go up to the door. It's her turn to talk. This big burly guy answers and he is gruff. The sister is very flustered and easily intimidated... and just makes matters worse by being overly apologetic. The guy is obviously bewildered by her behavior and gruffly dismisses us and closes the door. By this time the rain is coming down steady. So we get back in the car, and in her eagerness to leave his property, she backs into his chain link fence, bending the pole to the ground. She freaks out, gets out of the car, and starts trying to push the pole back into position, which sin't going to happen because it's made of steel. She goes back up to the house, tears streaming down her face in the pouring rain, and explains what happened. For a second, it looks like trouble, but then he just puts his head in his hands and shakes his head. She crying, and finally he just says its okay and we can leave.

    Yeah. Pioneering. Good times.

  • sooner7nc

    About 88 or 89 I'm in FS with my UberDub MS friend with a couple of young pioneer sisters from Whitesboro Texas. My buddy was after one of them, and I was just along for the ride basically. Well, we pull up to this house out in the sticks, and wouldn't you know it, it's my turn to get out with the hot pioneer that my buddy's chasing. As we stop the car a huge dog, a German Sheperd if I remember correctly, comes barrelling around the corner of the house, thankfully inside the chainlink fence, barking and growling and generally acting very aggressive. Sister SweetassPioneer gets back in the car saying"I'm not getting out. That dog will kill us." I start to get back in when my A-hole friend, in his best "MS who's gunnin' for Elder" voice commands me to leave a back issue in the gate. I get back out and head for the gate, and the dog is going berserk, I mean he's out for blood at this point. Long story short, I'm trying to stick this Washrag through the links of this gate while Cujo is on the other side snappin' at my fingers. I'm trying mightily hard to look as cool as possible, I'm 18 at the time mind you, and am on the verge of panic due to this whole situation, and wouldn't you know it that on the way back to the car I step in dogshit. I never went out with those sisters again


  • zoiks

    Born-again Christians were always my biggest fear while preaching. Far worse than dogs, guns or nazis! On one occasion, a fellow I remembered from high school invited me in, then immediately backed me into a corner while screaming, "Are you ready for the great white throne of judgment? Don't answer me! Are you ready or not?" He then screamed at me about Christ's love. Looking back, I'm pretty sure he wasn't a Christian - he was just having a good time with a religious weirdo who came to his door uninvited. Eventually another member of the car group came and fetched me. Good times!


  • twinkle toes
    twinkle toes

    Nude man with halloween mask. Bad memory!

  • dissed

    I almost forgot this. A sister, in another car group was killed in a car accident. The blood issue came up and her husband refused a blood transfusion for her.

    He later regretted that decision and left the trooth.

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