What's the worst you ever experienced while preaching?

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  • Casper

    We had a St. Bernard dog come out and bite a hole in the tire of the Ford Fiesta we were driving. This was before cell phones, so we had to get the householders to help us Sisters out.

    They weren't pleased.


  • blondie

    Attacked by:


    Dogs (several times)(always carry doggie treats)

    Gun drawn on me: 3 times (never shot, glib of tongue was I)

    But I was asked in for treats many times (cookies, tea, lemonade, pie, cheese and crackers, a glass of homemade wine)

    People tended to be nice way more than grumpy.

  • Albert Einstein
    Albert Einstein

    I never was really good in marking down info in FS, often forgot, often messed up... An this is one of results:

    Me - young guy, unexperienced, shortly after baptism (1992).... go out in service into a big 7 floor appartment block. Entered one of the block entrances, taking the lift up to the 7 floor starting the first door.... lady (45) started incredibly yelling and screaming, increadibly rude and and nasty, demanding us to leave the building immediately¨.... At that time JW never gave up in such situations, so, as I was trained at service meeting, I made clear position "We have a right to preach here and we are not leaving!!!"

    I didnt know she could yell even more .... but she could....

    She grabed us literally in to the lift, took us down, kicked us out of the building and locked the door. At that moment I only thought "Boy, I must mark thad door down, so no brothers ever come to that door anymore.... BUT I DIDNT DO IT IMMEDIATLY, AND FORGOT TO DO IT AT HOME!!!

    Week later I came in that building again and guess what door I rang at first...!!! Well you are right..... The lady must have thought I am complete idiot or want to be a martyr....

    It was really bad, she almost got a heart attack while she was kicking us out ......and I never in my live dared to enter that building .


  • Tristram

    Asked for a cogent explanation of JW beliefs...

  • daniel-p

    Lets see, I was 18 years old, driving the car in service, and we were shot at while driving away from this one house in the country (after we knocked and no one answered)... I floored it down the dirt road and scared my passengers more than the gun shot actually did ricocheting off a rock near our car.

    Another time, I was about 16, I went to this door way out in the country (most of our territory was rural), and lo and behold it was some kind of gathering of lesbians. They all gave us the evil eye as their queen came over and started to chew us out with no provocation whatsoever, telling us how she enjoyed oral sex with women, and other things that she thought would shock us.

    When I was about 14 I experienced my first dog scare. We were walking toward a house and out of nowhere this huge animal started charging us. I turned and ran, jumped over the fence and hightailed it down the street. Ever since then i was always overly careful with dogs, and never took any chances as others did all the time.

    But the worst thing was getting into some big go-round with Born Again Christians, who I think are actually more crazy than JWs, if such a thing can be.

    Good times.

  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    Knocking on the door and having someone answer.

  • rockmehardplace

    i completely forgot this story until i was rereading this post and dogs came up. i was at a door with an older sister who was famous for being an animal lover. she always bragged how no animal would ever attack her. so we are at this door and while waiting for someone to answer, this big dog comes around the corner out of the open garage. i am scared. she says not to worry and calls the dog over. she starts her thing with this dog and he is just rubbing up against her and she keeps petting him and kissing him on the top of his head. while this is going on, a lady comes to the door and i start my sales pitch. the whole time i am doing this, the lady at the door is just staring at the older sister and the dog. as we get ready to leave, the older sister says what a lovely dog this lady has and very friendly. the lady smiles and says that the dog is never friendly with anyone and she was glad to see that the dog was on his best behavior with her. she then mentions that she had him out of the house until she could give him a bath since he had rolled in his own diarrhea earlier in the morning.

    i almost had a heart attack from laughing so hard.

  • dissed

    Guns nothing!

    My new truck got stuck in quick sand. Had to climb out the windows to the bed to get out.

    Stranded for 10 hrs while it took a tractor and one 4x4 to pull me out.

  • parakeet

    The worst thing I experienced while preaching was the preaching.

  • oompa

    i fell off a porch as a kid and landed in a huge prickly bush and could not get out.........oompa

    i was kinda one to never stand still at the door

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