What's the worst you ever experienced while preaching?

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  • Newborn

    My father's toupee coming off in the wind.

    At least we never had to go out in service when it was windy again (I prayed for wind every Saturday morning)

    Hahahahahahahaha - that's too funny

  • Newborn

    Oh dissed, that's horrible and sad

    Thanks all for your entertaining stories

  • WTWizard

    One day I got dragged on a call. And, the guy produced a mayonnaise jar with about 2" of blood in it, and regularly spit more blood into that jar. That was enough to make me want to puke. They were in on that call for about 15 minutes--I would rather be at home on my computer posting apostate messages against the witlesses than going back on another call like that (with my Christmas lights on).

  • jam

    when I served in central America, one week A year we would preach to the Maya Indian in the bush.

    Most of the women in the bush where topless, nothing covering the top part of their body. Very strange

    experience.The brothers had warn me, if you come to a hut where there is not A male present, do not try

    and speak too the woman, come back later when the man is home..No problem, no cause for the husband

    in chopping my arms off.

  • finding my way
    finding my way

    Wow!! A lot of people have had their lives threatened

    When I was a young girl I was at a Return visit with my "spiritual grandma". She was annointed and took my Mother and I under her wing. Lovely lady I still love her.. anyways. The house was filthy and smelled like cat pee. I guess I was locking my knees or something too because I started to feel dizzy. I tugged on my grandmas shirt to try to let her know I was fainting and she shrugged me off. I walked out the door and passed out on the porch. It was embarrasing but it's not that great a story compared to so many on here!

    I also hated it when people wouldn't turn on the air conditioning!!


  • Son of Man
    Son of Man

    I was once threatened with a rifle

    Gee that had to be horrifying ! ! !

    I met up with a band teacher from H.S. and he blurted out "I am very high in my church and I want nothing to do with J.W.'s" ! ! Then proceeded to slam the door in my face, yikes ! !

    I wonder if he recognized me but guess it did not matter.....

  • Son of Man
    Son of Man

    Being chased down one of the busiest streets of Yaounde Cameroon by a crazy man with a knife. That sucked.

    Gee again oh my goodness ! ! People with violent tendencies lol
  • crapola

    Dogs and more dogs, A man said he'd shoot me if I came back, chased with a broom, heard woman speaking in tongues which scared the crap out of me. Just a few things I can recall.

  • tenyearsafter

    Knocked on a door and a naked guy answered working his willy...why couldn't it have been a young nubile hottie???

  • highdose

    it was my experaince the the old flabby men were far more likely to come to the door naked than the hot ones... now i wonder why that is????

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