Name Some Stupid Watchtower Rules or Ideas

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  • Fernando

    Very stupid and grossly unscriptural idea:

    "We are put right with God through rule making and rule keeping".

    Ray Franz gently rejected this insane notion of WBTS Pharisees as apostate "legalism" in the Awake and later in ISOCF.

    (A simple search of all Paul's references to "righteousness" reveals just how inebriated the WBTS Sanhedrin and Pharisees are. So too a basic understanding of "justification" or "IMPUTED righteousness").

  • grumblecakes

    i hate the way some make themselves the language police and will jump all over you if you use a word like "luck, fortunate, darn, dang, or any subtitute for a swear word"...

    i was once chastised for saying "bulletin board" because once long ago in the wild wild west, people fixed notices to boards by shooting a gun at them (awesome!)


    re: 'the 101 things you cant do'...good video


    no matter how far away i get from jdubs, i still hate it when people say "jehovah witness" ahhh, how can they not hear the awful grammer?! It would be like saying "jerry kids".

  • grumblecakes

    also, i kinda want to do everything in this thread now just because...

    and then cram it all in to one jc, like a really twisted bucket list.

  • minimus

    Why is it that congregation rules vary from Hall to Hall?? Some elders were really strict and it resulted in people leaving and going to the more "loving" neighboring congregation.

  • BU2B

    And yet this weeks Book study criticizes the Pharisees for-

    The religious leaders buried God’s Law under a mass of man-made rules and regulations. The Sabbath law, for instance, simply forbade work on the Sabbath, setting that day aside for worship, spiritual refreshment, and rest. But the Pharisees made a burden of that law. They took it upon themselves to decide just what “work” meant. They labeled as work 39 different activities, such as reaping or hunting. These categories gave rise to endless questions. If a man killed a flea on the Sabbath, was he hunting? If he plucked a handful of grain to eat as he walked along, was he reaping? If he healed someone who was ill, was he working? Such questions were addressed with rigid, detailed rules.

  • Divergent

    Agreed, BU2B. Didn't Jesus say: "My yoke is kindly, and my load is light"???

  • kairos

    People that quit attending the meetings are to be shunned, too.

  • jemba

    Easter egg chocolate is fine if you buy it half price a week later and pulverise the hell out of, then youre safe from demons who prefer egg shapes.

  • jemba

    Gathering of singles is forbidden as it will result in a mass orgy everytime!

  • jemba

    The TV channel must be changed immediately if xmas or birthdays are being celebrated in case the children watching suddenly become satanic apostates.

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