Do you regret confessing your sins to the elders?

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  • Elsewhere

    The ApostaBabes here are always welcome to sit on my lap and confess all of their naughty sins.

  • dogisgod

    OMG YES!!!! I was 19.They (especially one. BROTHER SELFRIGHTEOUS UPCHUCK) went to my parents (even though I was out of school and working/living on my own) and told them HIS version. I didn't know this for 25 years. Several years afterward the initial event one "kindly" elder showed my mother "notes" on the meeting. No notes were written while I was in the room. In my 50's my mother and and I finally talked about it and figured out the real truth of the matter. I was not disfellowshipped but was publically "reprooved" reprooved at the initial event. Then followed 25 yrs of misunderstanding with my mom. Notto mention loss of friends.


    Glad I did. And glad I was "unrepentant" too! It gave the opportunity to move on with my life!


  • nearlyfree

    Yes definately, i had no choice as i was dobbed in by my ex, within minutes of telling my hubby of my sins! he was on the phone setting up a comittee case ( come to think of it now - i think he wanted me to be DF which i wasnt). When it was his turn - he begged me not to tell the elders, i gave him 2 weeks . I think it was harder for him as he was a MS. - Oh the Shame!!! ( he didnt get DF either)

  • Gregor

    nearlyfree, Could you please repeat your above statement more clearly. Sounds like you both crashed and burned but were not DF'd (?) What is your current status? Have you both accepted the Lord Jesus Christ Savings and Loan as your personal savings institution?

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Yur gonna burn Gregor!

  • nearlyfree

    okay Gregor, without going into to much detail - i had a JC about 17 years ago....... my ex's was a year and half ago. Two sepearte issues his was for imorality mine was not. Im fading fast - as for him i dont know what his thoughts are or if he is still in or not..

    Hope that clears things up for you :)

  • Edington

    Yes I too regret 'confessing' to an elder about me struggling to suppress being gay.


    That elder is no longer a Jehovah's Witness!

    Could he feel he has no reason now to keep it to himself?


  • No Longer Held Captive
    No Longer Held Captive

    Who do the elders expose their dirty dark secrets to? where do they go to wash their dirty linen? what about elders that rape little girls and still stand and preach?

    The WBTS is no better, but far worse than any other religions, as all they do, they do so using Gods name to do it in.

    Do they get off on other peoples misery?

    What is legalism? legalism is the term used by fanatics and extremist religionists that everything one does, must be done so by means of works and rules.

    They and the wbts use legalism to put burdens on people that God himself hasnt even asked for. It is when their opinion becomes your burden,because they are just all consumed with self, self explaining, justifying self, painting oneself to be pious. Legalism says you can get Gods grace and salavation if I say so, it also says if I can have fellowship with you or allow you fellowship with others, and thus, sadly, people no longer figure in on the equation of God, but that of man, and the words of God have become null and void because of their personal teachings and traditions. And this legalistic rhetoric can be seen in their publications such as their secret elders book, and the publishers book-all man made rules, man made extensions of Gods rules, but with a twist, just like the Pharisees. So, with friends like these, who really needs enemies?

    The bible says Gods commands are not burdensome, so how do these people get off on making them a burden, and where does the authority come from to do so?

    I tried to cut and paste the article here but couldnt, so here is a link for you if you are interested. You may find it highly interesting in what legalism means and how it is used.

  • finallysomepride

    never confessed a thing to an elder, never will, except this - i don't believe the load of crap you are peddling

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