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  • DaCheech

    it was hard for me to study and we did it over 3 times.

    it's perplexing on how they can read a scripture and figure themselves out on when: it's symbolic, real, or relates to the men in brooklyn

  • garyneal

    As a young Christian (well 18 years ago that is) who was new in the Christian faith (becoming active in a fundamentalist church), I heard a lot of interpretations of what people think will happen during the tribulation period spoken of in Revelations. The mark of the beast is a barcode or it is a microchip implanted in someones right head of forehead. The beast might be a computer with a very large database with info on every man, woman, and child. The one world government will be the revived Roman empire rooted in the European Union. We will have a one world currency. Then there are the dates:

    The generation who was alive in 1914 according to the Watchtower.
    The generation who was alive in 1948 (when Israel became a nation) according to fundamentalists.
    Armageddon in year 1975 (Watchtower).
    The tribulation starting (according to certain fundamentalist) in 1980, late 1990's, around 2000 (to mark the end of the 6 day period).

    This is just a few things, I would not be surprised if there are people saying that Obama is the anti-Christ and the tribulation period will either begin, end, or be half way finished (3.5 years) by 2012 (because of a Mayan calendar).

    What all of this tells me is that when men try to interpret Revelations and try to connect the symbolism to actual events and even set dates, the interpretations never pan out (the dates in particular all turn out wrong). So what is a Christian who still believes that Christs return is immenent to do? Well, that Christian should still live a Godly life as if the events could happen tomorrow but live also like it will not happen for hundreds of years.

    In other words, do not put off having a family, getting an education, or planning for retirement. Do not neglect the needs of today or some personal goals as if the 'new system' will be here next year. But continue to live in accords with the teachings of the Bible and Jesus Christ in your daily life. Because, while the 'end of the world' may not come tomorrow, your end might.

  • DaCheech

    garyneal, good comment! in other words: be balanced and live!

  • treadnh2o

    I remember as a very young M.S., I was asked to be a bookstudy conductor (despite the fact Elders were available) due to the fact I had an excellent understanding of the book of Revelation.

    In reality, I had the jibberish in the book memorized.

    But being the kiss ass M.S. that most young M.S.'s are, I really began to research the information.

    I did not know it at the time, but this was the beginning of the end for me.

    Objective consideration of the material, combined with common sense, drew me to the conclusion that there was no basis for the stated beliefs. True meditation only raised more questions. The" generation" issue became something I could not ignore. What really bothered me was telling the friends about all the prophecies that came true concerning JW's. Many, make that all, were a big stretch.

    I am thankful for the Revelation book (both original and updated).

    It was a fan blowing the scent of bullshit straight at me!


  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    They have added some new points in it now, we dont have a new copy, must pick one up but have been told there are new changes.

    We love that book though, want to study it next for our family study.

  • cantleave

    AE you amaze sometimes. Who the hell would ever want to study that book with their family. You really must want your kids to leave the organisation because that drivell will lead them to that eventuality.

  • jookbeard

    next she'll be studying the Babylon the Great book, she really is amazing

  • designs

    The first part of the Revelation study book dealing with the history of the Society and the claims for divine appointment should give anyone serious pause.

    It is simply inaccurate, a revisionistic rewriting of what happened and to whom and why.

    God's suppossed blessing was on a group of Christian Zionist/Dispensationalists not the latter Rutherfordian Hybrid New Covnenatologists.

  • villabolo

    angel eyes:

    "They have added some new points in it now, we dont have a new copy, must pick one up but have been told there are new changes."

    You should read the original book The Finished Mystery published in 1917 and see how absurd, downright psychotic and self worshipping the organization was (and continues to be). From the book the following examples:

    Pages 165,166 explaining Revelation 19:18: "all modern church organizations were founded by bald headed men. and the smoke being unable to find its way out through their scalps naturally had to come out of their mouths."

    And their interpretation of Revelation 16:9 where people blaspheme God has a distinctive JW twist to it:

    Page 241: ". . .blasphemed the name of God, which hath power over these plagues"--Misrepresented the name and character of the mighty one, Pastor Russell.

    By the way, welcome Maputo95


  • AllTimeJeff

    For me, the Revelation book is the ultimate dividing line as to who is intellectually honest or dishonest in the world of Jehovah's Witnesses.

    Gilead is all about this book. This method of linking characters of the bible to dates and people (or "classes" aka "the John class") is a double edged sword for the GB: It is this weird brand of dogma that gives them permission to take and wield authority. At the same time, the GB realizes pragmatically that these "hard to understand" teachings that only the "spiritually strong and healthy" partake of stumbles and raises questions to many JW's.

    To insulate themselves, the GB has an unusual metric for measuring the "strong and healthy" vs "the weak and doubting". Strong ones partake of the "meaty" spiritual food of the Climax book. "Weak and doubting ones" are unable to "understand" it. But because, like all other classes of JW's, they too come with a templated description, they are unable to go any further.

    One risks being looked down upon if you don't claim to understand this crap.

    I really believe these days however, that most younger JW's don't believe it. The trumpet blasts being part of 7 conventions in the 1920's? Who here thinks that major portions of gods word would be fulfilled by that? Who today remembers it? They sure do neuter Jehovah by limiting gods ability to trumpet to small sized, JW organized convenetions...

    But I digress.

    Deep down, anyone who reads the Revelation book, and gets that sick, queasy feeling that deep down, something is very wrong here, has a shot to get out at some point. They are being honest and saying on some level: "Wow, this is a lot of bullshit here...."

    For those who read it and buy it hook line and sinker, these are lifelong JW's.

    The only exception I would make to those who believe and don't believe are the GB. Who knows what they really think? They are probably brainstorming more "new light" changes as we speak.

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