If you pray, do you say 'Jehovah'...?

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  • donuthole

    I address Almighty God as Father instead of by any personal name.

    (This actually got me in trouble at the Kingdom Hall since certain ones considered it "apostate" not to say "Jehovah" in prayer -- go figure.)

  • sd-7

    I only say 'Jehovah' if I'm around other JWs. In my private prayers, I use the term 'Father', in imitation of Jesus Christ, who never once referred to God as Jehovah in his prayers. Well, well. Guess Jesus would've been an apostate, too.


  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    hey ynot...you make me laugh..abba makes you think of the musical group " mama mia here we go again"..lol

  • cantleave

    Only my parents and sister are JW's but I am at their house everyday, spend alot of time with them. They watch my kids while I work. We go out together. We are all each other have.

    It is alway going to be a long a painful process in this situation, unless you lose everything and everyone around you. At least we now know we are not alone, so many others on here have been through this.

    As for me I have stopped praying altogether. I don't know if there is a God, the one I used to call Jehovah and I built a "relationship" with was a false god, a man made construct, used as a weapon to create guilt in order to scare me into living lie.

  • Dixie

    Amen Mouthy. I have hard time believing anyone would throw rocks at you.

    I use Father, God or Lord. I think of God as my father so calling him by his (assumed) name seems weird to me. The word Jehovah just still kinda skeeves me out a bit. It took me while to be able to enjoy singing that song "Days of Elijah" because they say Jehovah about 50 times in it.

  • Snoozy

    I used 'God" before I became a JW and it is good enough for me now... I feel he knows if someone is talking to him no matter what they call him..

  • Farkel

    :do you still address God as Jehovah?

    Why? Jesus didn't in his model prayer.

    "Father" works. So does "Creator." There can't be more than one Father or one Creator, unless there were a bunch of space aliens who made us, and who wants to pray to a bunch of space aliens?

    If you use "Jehovah" and get the pronunciation wrong, He will KILL you. How do I know this? "Jehovah" has killed a zillion people for a lot less than that, that's how.


  • yknot

    LOL...... Angel Eyes....

    ..... back to topic....

    What I don't say 'JEE-HOVAH'......like some of the older British Bethel Speakers.... it was like somebody scratching nails on the chalkboard when I heard that version......

    Wantstoleave, maybe praying will help you decide where you are in your walk .......... anyhoo.... you are now on a prayer list , 4 congregations are praying for you and your family to find comfort and guidance

  • jookbeard

    when I pray, which is very rare I generally pray to Jesus and the Holy Ghost because I believe in the God like nature of these 2 entities, not the Bible image . I refuse to ever use the name Jerkhoobah, the angry destructive, evil God of the old testament , who to me is an enemy and not to be trusted of worshipped, I would rather bow down the Satan, but it's unlikely he exists


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