If you pray, do you say 'Jehovah'...?

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  • snowbird

    I call The Father, ... Father.

    Sometimes, I talk to Jesus only - just as I would talk to a trusted friend.

    As BlueCanary said on another thread, "Let's celebrate our freedom!"


  • mouthy

    Since Jesus is my saviour ,& He said "I CALL YOU FRIENDS"I talk to him as I would a friend

    This is how I pray. "Dear Heavenly Father I come before your throne & the LORD Jesus Christ
    I ask for the HOLY SPIRIT to guide ,lead, & direct me in all I do.I ask that you will open the eyes
    ears.hearts, of my children grandkids,& great grandkids,Let the Teacher the Holy Spirit teach them.
    And as I am praying right now with all my adopted kids,friends,atheists,believers on JWN,
    I ask that today Wednesday you will bless each & every one of them that reads this prayer
    I ask it in the name ABOVE all others Jesus Christ Amen"

    If any wish to rock me......Little pebbles please

  • PSacramento

    Since Jehovah is NOT God's name, I don't use it.

    It would use Adonai or Elohim before would use Jehovah or even Yahweh.

    That said, I pray like our Lord Jesus taught us to, "Our Father".

    Sometimes I say Beloved Father, sometimes Heavenly Father, sometimes Merciful Father and when I am taking to God in a personal way, I say Abba,Father.

    As always I pray to God through Jesus and in Jesus's name I thank Jesus and God and if I ever ask for something I follow what were were taught and ask in the name of Jesus Christ, our lord and saviour.

    I don't follow a routine, though certain things I always say, I try to make the prayer more a personal conversation than just a prayer.

  • snowbird

    Amen to Mouthy and PSac.


  • Trevor Scott
    Trevor Scott

    I'm with PSacramento on this one. "Jehovah" is just a made up word. It is not and never was God's name.

    Jesus was asked specifically by his disciples to teach them how to pray, and he instructed them to address God as "Father"....

  • yknot


    To each his own. Abba is foreign personally and I associate it with the musical group. American-English is my native tongue, next is Bohemian, and then Mexican

    Continue working on seperation of individual and WTS.......

  • wobble

    I loved your prayer for me and others Grace (Mouthy) thank you !

    Just to be pedantic, I believe that Abba is a far more respectful form of address than Dad or Pops, (I know the WT explains it that way,but their scholarship is not exactly the best), modes such as Dad, Papa etc. I would not dare to use to Almighty God.

    Abba, or Abba Father are fine,and scriptural, and respectful. We do not need to use a personal name for The Father, He is Father.



  • PSacramento


    Its funny you mention that the WT views that the personal name is more personal than "Father", I had that discussin with an elder and in his view, using God's name is far more personal than just using "father".

    I told him that NO ONE calls me father other than my children and everyone calls me Paul ( of course the smart ones call me "Supreme Overlord") and that no one other than my children have the right to call me father and that it is far more personal than Paul.

    He said every father is called father, that is not personal.

    I mentioned that there are many Paul's also, and that is not personal either.

    We agreed to disagree, especially since I had already told him that Jehovah was NOT God's name to begin with, LOL !

  • Chalam



    To each his own. Abba is foreign personally and I associate it with the musical group.

    I don't actually say "Abba", that is for those who speak Aramaic! Please see the footnotes


    1. Mark 14:36 Abba Name that a Jewish child called his father

    So what does a child call their father? "Daddy", "pops", "papa", "pa" that is the vibe I like :)

    All the best,


  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    I am agnostic. I am also an ordained minister. I am asked to offer prayer at weddings. I have one coming up this weekend.

    I support Christianism within my culture. I love people. It is to them I minister. They mostly believe fully in God, though some doubt. They want their Christian traditions intact. Part of that is prayer. By the minister. That is me. So I pray.

    I will never use Jehovah. It was never God's name. It would be better to pray to YHWH by initial in english. But seems disrespectful to call God 'tetragrammaton'. So, I will generally use 'Father' or occasionally 'God'.

    I don't know if these prayers are heard. I don't know if there is a Hearer. People want to think so. It might be good to start marriage that way.

    Just my randoms.


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