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    Your wife may have been subjected to the same premarital "advice" conversations that I was by older JW women - you know, the "sage" ones who were either married a long time or widowed and weren't getting "any" - along the lines that you needed to make sure that your bedroom activities were "honourable", because Brotherâ„¢ Knorr, Brotherâ„¢ Rutherford and Brotherâ„¢ Russell were up there in heaven keeping an eye on everything for Jesus and Jehovah.

    You have NO IDEA how that thought creeped me out as a young bride.

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    SWEET- Welcome to the board ! Good to have you here.

    In answer to your question - I got married to my first wife ( a JW ) in 1979 when I was 19 , she was 18. There is so much pressure on young JW's to marry because they aren't ALLOWED to have pre-marital sex ! So it forces young people to marry - just to have " legal " sex in the WT organizations eyes. My then fiance and me didn't have sex in a penetration way- but we would go out in rural territory by ourselves out in service unchaperoned and have a great time driving around making out , and actually making return visits on each others nether regions ! So although we never actually had sex- we did pretty much everything as close to sex as you could get - without getting caught. There is just only so much pressure our teenage hormones can stand, you know ? Life's hard . ( No pun intended )

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    Don't forget the legions of angels that are watching. I wonder if they have popcorn and refreshments for the show.

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    Virgo, my marriage was so different in that respect. We were 3x a day, everyday for the first 2yrs of marriage and then for the last years, it was once a day.....(we had 2 kids by then) but I drew the line at during my period, even though he would pressure me on occasion! Noone ever gave me any kind of 'sex talk' prior to getting married, not even my mom. I had grown up a witness, and was heading into unknown territory....but I wasnt scared. I was 24 and eager to have sex, though that wasnt what made me marry him...but it was a big contributing factor! Thankfully he wasnt a prude, nor was I....and things were great in that respect. Unfortunately, the rest of the relationship left a lot to be desired :s

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    On the wayout wrote:

    "I know some of each. My wife and I did. Many brothers came forward before accepting appointments and had to face judicial action for it years later. Many never said anything about it.

    I would say the percentage that waits is extremely higher than other groups of "Christians."

    I think the same about JW morality, however, the lack of statistics and information about it make impossible to know real facts. I say that because after leaving the JW, I realised how many of them, many in good standing, were involved in a double life.

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