What's in a name?

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  • White Dove
    White Dove

    If this was in the private section, I'd share my first name my parents gave me and the meaning.

  • dissed

    Dissed is short for......




    Dis-respected depending on what day it is and who you are talking to.

    Okay, if you don't want to give me your address stuff, how about your credit card info..of course, PM me, its only for file purposes. And don't forget your sec code on the back.

  • White Dove
    White Dove

    White Dove is Chenoa in a Native American language.

  • avishai

    Hebrew pronunciation of my middle name.

  • dissed

    Four candles - I watched the whole video - never seen it before, very funny

    And Lisa, like Four Candles, Do you have a video to share? Just curious, its for my file...that's it, my file. Would you be so kind to PM it to me?

    Avishai - That is cool. Too bad I threw away all my lexicons. Maybe someone who hasn't burned there Heb. books can share with us the meaning.

    And Lisa, PLEASE don't forget to send that video.

  • dissed

    Goshawk and White Dove, are you related?

    White Dove - My daughter is Native American and her tribal name is Tetonkanaska.(I think spelling is correct) Meaning 'little white gazelle'. The variation of the name could mean Buffalo, which sometimes she dose act like.

    Feeling good on a Friday after having my 2nd beer.

    "Do you realize how close we are to the New Order? You can almost smell the decaying bodies." Its like perfume to the JW's.

  • AGuest

    Psalm 15:1


    A slave of Christ,

    S (after the Chevy Mustang Cobra, which was my stepbrother's favorite car and so what he chose to call me when we were teenagers and it stuck, though many also call me "Shel" as a short form of my given name, which I am not going to reveal here...) A (for my last name)

  • dissed


    And the answer to PS 15:1 is PS 15:2

  • BabaYaga

    Fun thread, Dissed.

    And Purps, that story (and what the purple sofa represents) is perfectly wonderful!

    Baba Yaga is the "wicked witch" in Russian Fairy Tales... but unlike the witches in the tales most of us have heard, she does not usually meet her terrible demise at the end of the tale. In fact, some very foolish mortals even venture out into the forest to seek her. She is fierce and very hungry... but also keeps her word and her end of the bargain if her extraordinary challenges are met.

    In one tale, she gives a young girl a lantern made out of a human skull to safely light her way back home through the forest. I loved the symbolism of that gesture, and consider that a beautiful gift to give someone... the realization of the guiding light of their own minds.

    In my avatar, you see Baba's house, which dances about on chicken feet, and her fence, which has skulls for fenceposts. I think she is a wonderful hero. Ha, ha.

  • jookbeard

    nickname of my High School Maths teacher

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