Reform, can it be?

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  • PSacramento


    You go take your talk of reason and logic elsewhere !

  • AllTimeJeff

    Hey Sacramento, the last thing I needed to see was beer and pizza! That gives me an idea... ;)

  • PSacramento

    Ah dude, my wife made some homemade thin crust pizza with hot peppers and such and I had some ice cold Sapporo beer with it this weekend !!

    It was a religious experience !!!

  • BabaYaga

    Speaking of reform...

    Official Site of Jehovah's Witnesses for Reform on Blood

    And yes, there are active Elders as members.

  • ldrnomo
    The Org. has made errors, and so far our LORD has put up with them. I will follow Jesus where ever he leads me. And I at present don't see any other direction.

    What makes you so sure that "our Lord has put up with them"?

    Do you have some kind of contact with "Our Lord"?

    Does he talk to you at night?

    Or is that what the WTS says, "So far, our Lord has put up with us"?

    Maybe the Lord if he even cares, is delighted that there are forums like these so the message of what the WTS really is can be disseminated.

    Maybe if you get your head out of the sand, you will see some other direction.

    Maybe this forum will help you get your head out of the sand. Trust me, we're all pulling on your feet.


  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    We are doing our best to help people to salvation. We are in no way trying to mislead anyone. The Org. has made errors, and so far our LORD has put up with them.

    I see so the WTS. commercial exploitation and manipulation to its members, like yourself, is bringing them into true salvation with god....ummm yes I can see that ?

    You aren't really playing with a full deck, are you ?

    By the way most people who leave this religion do not go looking for another, they just simply realize the adverse bullshit and corruption that organized religion is

    and become either agnostic or atheistic.

    But then again you might like this kind immoral pretentiousness, It may suit your kind of character.

  • diamondiiz

    pjs - Many that leave WTS implode or explode emotionally thinking that they will die thus many take it out on themselves. There are those that need a religion so they join another bogus body to lead them to God. WTS does a greaet job in destroying people's faith in God as when members learn that the leaders of WTS are as corrupt if not more corrupt than other religions many reason that there is no God and/or how would God allow scum like governing body claiming to be His representatives continue as they do! WTS' mind control equates those of other cults and is very destructive to many who put their entire lives in the hand of crooked men who claim to be chosen by God! People gave up on marriages, gave up on having kids, gave up on educations and promotions all because they believed their leaders, few even died because these leaders said that certain practices were forbidden by the bible. How would you feel if you allowed your kid to die when he needed an organ translplant and later you learned that it was alright to have that medical procedure! Would you rason that the loving child will be resurrected because these leaders just goofed? Or would you feel totally pissed at them ralizing that they transform themselves into an angel of light causing numberous pain and suffering? Few nuckleheads would say that the child will be resurrected so no biggy! It's people who don't have matter between their ears who can say that to others but than again these are the very ones that are easily controlled. There is no easy answers as to where you go after WTS, but really why do you need another religion to guide you in their own direction. If you want to believe in God you can continue studying the bible and use various books to seek out answers that satisfy you. You don't need men dictating to you what you must and must not believe.

  • flipper

    PJSCHIPPER- If you do thorough research you will find the WT society and Jehovah's Witnesses cannot ever be reformed. They are too much of an evil, mind control cult with unscrupulous motives

  • flipper

    PJSCHIPPER- That is a good thing you are doing then- researching. Many more before you have also researched and thousands have admitted the organization is evil as well . Everybody needs to prove it to themselves. Good luck on your research



    I`m always happy to put a smile on your face Bud!..LOL!!

    flipper, I am doing all the research I can. And as soon as I find this is and evil Org. I will be the first to admit it.....pjschipper

    How do you figure,your going to be 1st?..LOL!!

    There are millions who have already figured it out..

    Maybe you can invent Spaggetti..

    That has`nt been done yet..



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