Reform, can it be?

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  • believingxjw

    The Governing Body is a spiritual corpse. Their spiritual insides are rotting and cannot be reformed or revived.

    Poor Governing Body. They keep looking up for God's help and never get an answer.

    Maybe this board is their answer from God.

  • wobble

    What would be interesting would be if some attempt was made to become even some semblance of a Christian religion, which would mean them going more main-stream.

    I don't see it happening, as a poster pointed out on another thread , they are more proud of being different than truthful.



  • lepermessiah

    Stop using John 13:35 as "the identifying mark" by saying they are the only place to experience true love among people, especially when the congregation is full of people who do otherwise.

    Admit that times really have changed and get out of the first century- when Jesus said go from house to house, he didnt have technology at his disposal nor did he live in times where people live in fear of strangers coming to their door. The door to door ministry is a dead horse.

    Ahhh, forget it - LeavingWT hit the nail on the reform is possible without blowing the whole religion to kingdom come, which would freak out too many people and cause a mass exodus.


    There is nothing Benificial or Scriptual about the WBT$..

    It`s like trying to find a Few Kernels of Corn,in a Bucket of


  • jookbeard

    Focus has to be on the G/B if reform is to be made Shipper after all it has blood on it's hands

  • Goshawk

    pjschipper - Interesting! What beneficial and scriptural points can you find that the world wide organization. Try not to focus on the GB.


    Isn't that like trying to defang a rattlesnake through its tail?

  • jeanniebeanz

    To reverse shunning brothers who are wicked, ges against what is written in the early cong.

    Not even close. That scripture was addressing one specific man, by the language used, possibly a suspected pedophile, and not intended to mean the entire body of the congregation.

    The basis for shunning is so shallow as to be laughable, especially since they shield pedophiles now.


  • TD
    The blood issue in also scriptural

    No, it is not. It currently rests squarely upon a grammatical misconstruction of scripture.

  • diamondiiz

    pjs - you need a deeper research into WTS to see that they are NOT God's channel. Speculation on dates is not a big deal if it isn't taught as fact and to the public. I can speculate on anything I want but if I preach it, that makes me a false prophet and that is what GB did and does. There is no sign that Christ returned nor is there a sign of anything that Christ is active today, people may imagine things that there are Godly signs but IMO it's their imagination or their desperation to imagine that God is talking to them. If there is a God and I still believe there is, He left mankind until Christ arrives and until then you will not see and signs nor will you have a true religion. Therefore there is no such thing as a true religion or one group of God's chosen people as there is no sign anyone has been chosen other than in one's self mind. Sure WT as no other religion condones pedophile but when they try to cover things up as Catholic Church or WT did doesn't make it any better and it shows how typical these institutions and leaders are. They care more about their own reputation than that of a victim. Blood issue also isn't as black and white as WT presents it. Bible speaks of eating blood as food but blood in your vain isn't food but acts as a vehicle to carry needed nutrients to other parts of the body, thus blood in vein doesn't digest itself, besides in extreme circumstances bible speaks of God overlooking certain laws in certain circumstances. Power hungry leaders cannot be reformed without a coup. If you want to learn about GB's love do a research on why GB allowed witnesses in Malawi to be raped and killed for not buying a party card in a ONE party state while looking the other way when at the same time period Mexican witnesses were bribing officials to get by illegal means a military card! Where was love there? Was it maybe because WT claimed to be a cultural organization in Mexico until 1989 if I remember correctly because religions were not allowed to own property? So instead of registering as a religion in Mexico and have Mexican witnesses sing religious songs and use their bibles they hid this from people and made a big deal when they were finally registered in (1989?) as a religion only a year or so before religions were allowed to own property once again??? Wasnt that a deception? In the eyes of GB anything they do is holy and right, they can change their minds on doctrine and their view how you should walk and talk without anyone questioning them but if a rank and file goes contrary to GB's way they are brought forth before a judicial commitee and this is what you call a true religion? I don't think so. It appears that you're starting to see more of what WT is than when you posted your first couple threads on this board. Keep on looking deeper and you will see an ugly side to WTS who claims to be directed by God and GB claiming to be anointed which is the biggest joke!

  • isaacaustin

    A ban on blood transfusions is no where in the Bible either.

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