Reform, can it be?

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  • PSacramento

    Here's the thing, I have 2 beautiful little girls, Sofia is 6 and Marisa is 2.

    I would do ANYTHING in the world for them, I would give my life for them without a second thought and IF God was to come done to me and say that the only way I could worship him and be saved was to allow my children to die if need be I woudl turn my back on THAT God.

    MY children are MY responsibility and I love them, they are my life, my heartbeats with their breathing, for every joyous moment they give me I feel closer to God and for every moment of pain they cause me I thank GOd for the chance to be there to comfort them.

    If I, as a lowly, lowly sinful and error plagued human, love MY children so much, how can an ALL FEELING and ALL LOVING God (Yep, it goes with being all knowing and all powerful) NOT love them too ???

  • AllTimeJeff

    Angel Eyes

    I can sense that you want to find common ground where available. I hope you realize that my "defense" of you is solely what I perceive as personal attacks against you. I too want to get along, and am happy to do so whenever we can find common ground.

    However, Issac and jookbeard make great points. And for the record, I do find your views on JW's to not be in the mainstream of this religion.

    YOU are the one who makes statements about how Jehovah accepts all, etc. That is fine. But you are also a Jehovah's Witness, a group that disagrees with many of your statements.

    Posters like jookbeard and Isaac (not trying to speak for them here) are right to point out that you often contradict yourself, and have little to no logic or scripture to back up what you believe.

    Please know, from my point of view, you are welcome to believe whatever you want. Just don't represent your personal beliefs as representing what the Governing Body and Jehovah's Witnesses teach.



    You and I both went through hell as JW Kids..

    We can`t take that out on people who can`t think for themselves..

    Would my parents have let me die..Of course..LOL!!..

    They were both Brain Dead Jehovah`s Witness`s

    I still deserve a shot at life regardless..So do you..

    Being raised by the insane,does not mean you should have never been born..



  • isaacaustin

    Thanks outlaw. You're a good man.

  • Finally-Free
    Reform, can it be?

    No. Many times the JWs quoted the following scripture when condemning other religions:

    Ecclesiastes 1:15 That which is made crooked cannot be made straight, and that which is wanting cannot possibly be counted.

    They deserve the same destruction that they wish on other religions.


  • AllTimeJeff

    Hey Isaac

    Sometimes I think you spend too much time gunning for what you perceive to be trolls, but that is my opinion. But I know why you do it, and I agree with what you are trying to say. I wouldn't give too much credence to JW apologists. At some point, I think we have to trust the lurkers out there who read up.

    For example, 99.9% of any lurkers here would know that what AE opined about regarding blood and JW's simply isn't true. That actually works against her, don't you think?

    Anyway, I wish you well, and I apologize if I rubbed you the wrong way.

  • The Almighty Homer
    The Almighty Homer

    Another thought on giving or not of blood transfusions to children, what if lets say the parents who decided to withhold a transfusion of their child and that child had died

    because of that decision, were to eventually abandon their particular religious faith or the religious faith itself dissolved . What kind of value of life did that child have

    while he or she was still living ?

    Are the parents or the group of men that organized this religion guilt of man slaughter or a least guilty of undue care of health and welfare of that child ?

  • isaacaustin

    nah, its kewl ATJ. She hit a nerve on the blood thing. Yeah, I guess I am aggressive at the trolls. You have never rubbed me the wrong way. You're a calming influence on this board.

  • PSacramento


    You know that the celebration of aniversaries and wearing of wedding bands is of pagn origins, right?

    Don't even go there with "water cleansings" !

    As for not being held accountable for fornications, the WT some are not held accountable for being pedaphiles, far worse a sin then fornication.

    As for the whole religion from Babylon, I don't think you should be too hard on the Hebrews, I mean, Jesus was a Jew and he was Ok.


  • AllTimeJeff

    Uh oh...

    Guys, lets learn from the past.... pjschipper is entitled to say that. Just leave him alone. You know you aren't going to change his mind. And trust me, lurkers who are here lurking, are lurking precisely because one too many JW's said this to their face..

    Just chill....

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