Back Again about Disfellowshipment.... Please Help!!

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  • Butterflyleia85

    Ok so I'm doing alot better by going on this website and message board... everyone is so incouraging and wise! I'm really happy but struggling.

    I look at this website and I am down again....

    If someone can pick at this and help me deal with being Disfellowshiped please do so...

    I know alot of you are going to be like duh will don't go to JW website or stay away from it. But please understand this is my whole upbringing and I will probably bounce back to this for the rest of my life...

    Please help... Not say for or against JW, just need more ideas on what to do or how to feel again.

  • 144001
    But please understand this is my whole upbringing and I will probably bounce back to this for the rest of my life...

    Given the above, my recommendation for you is to seek psychological counseling. The above is no way to live your life. Life is too short for that. Break the chains of mental bondage that the Watchtower uses to enslave your mind permanently!

  • purplesofa

    Until you find another reason for not being a JW other than feeling like disfellowshipping is discipline you are still a true believer and will always yearn, or feel guilt for not going back.

    I was DF for nine years, I never during that time believed the JW's did not have the truth.

    I worked to get reinstated, studied (I read WTs the whole time I was DF)

    and then came to this board. Even after quitting meetings for a few years it was really difficult to break things off.

    If you are determined to stay away, research, study, find out all you can about the organization, come to terms with your own beliefs about the bible.

    If you want to take this time to be disciplined, take this time out to do things just for you. If you believe you are being disciplined by Jehovah, he is still with you.

    While I was DF I came to realize three men that made the decision to DF me were nothing more than just ordinary men that I let pass a judgement on me, gave them the power and control, believing they were guided by holy spirit.

    This could be a wonderful time for you,


  • nelly136

    i know whats in your link so i'll post you this one does it sound familiar to what you are feeling experiencing?

  • VoidEater

    Every religion has been developed through man's inspiration (from whatever source) and thinking.

    YOUR inspiration and thinking is just as good as anyone else's.

    YOU determine your relationship with God, your relationships with other people, your relationship with yourself.

    Stop making the value of your life and your soul dependent on a bunch of geezers in Brooklyn.

    That's the short version. How do you do that? How do you overcome a lifetime of pounding by this krazy kult?

    Get out into nature. Notice how the entire panorama goes on without the WTS directing its growth and beauty.

    Then, if at all possible, get in touch with a counselor that can help you objectively see who you are and what your life is about outside of the control of that religion.

    Of course it will take work, and maybe meditation, and perhaps praying, or getting involved in "the world" (hobbies, discussion groups, art, who knows? This is YOUR life). It's not easy getting over a lifetime of someone telling you you're nothing without them.

    But many of us have survived all kinds of abuse, including religious.

  • megs

    Speaking as a non dub... Those are the word's of man, not God. God is not disciplining you, men are. The WTS shunning is a horrible horrible practice instituted by man, NOT GOD. They are interpreting scripture in their own convoluted, incorrect way.

  • Atlantis

    As late as 1947, the Awake described the practice of excommunication as an unscriptural, pagan practice, using Hebrews 10: 26-31 to show it should be left to God to judge individuals.

    Awake 1947 page 27 excommunication

    Quite remarkably, it was in the years surrounding the above article that Knorr was setting up the disfellowshipping arrangement followed to this day. In the Watchtower 1944 May 15 p.151, responsibility to judge an individual was moved from the congregation to judicial committees. A 1952 Watchtower article dismissed Jesus remarks to refer a wrongdoer to the congregation, but with no explanation as why:


  • flipper

    BUTTERFLYLEIA- You have been programmed by the WT socities view of disfellowshipping. The reason they take such a severe measure in expelling people is to make them feel a sense of loss by casting them away with no friendships. It is not normal, loving human behavior for an organization to do this. Their take is this : Where ELSE are you going to go for friendship ? Well- You asked about how to get along in your DFed state.

    The best thing you can do is enjoy your life, move on and make new non-witness friends who will care about you unconditionally- whether you are a DFed witness or not. If you go back and try to get reinstated - they will always view you with a suspicious eye , elders and publishers. I know- I was DFed for 4 years. I went back briefly after the 9/11 attacks thinking Armageddon was happening. Scared out of my wits due to being raised a JW , like you. And I was 43 at the time. After getting reinstated I was not treated with love, but doubt and suspicion. So think about what you want - Friends that love you for WHO you are deep inside as a person or alleged friends who will always expect more and more out of you who you will NEVER be able to please ? I'm just shooting straight with you - no BS - because you are younger and I don't want to see you waste your life .

    We here on this board care for you unconditionally . Make new friends here ! If you'd like to talk to my wife and I we will PM you our phone number . Take care, and hang in there . People care here, they really do

  • OnTheWayOut

    The best advice you will get is to re-educate yourself. Ray Franz was a former member of the Governing Body. He wrote two books. Read them.



    Counseling will help also.

  • willyloman

    I was an elder for more than 20 years and served on a number of Judicial Committees. At the time I thought I was fair, impartial, balanced, and loving, and perhaps I was some or all of those things. But I came to realize it is a flawed system of "justice" which is to say, no justice at all. I can assure you that there is absolutely not a drop of holy spirit involved. A good scripture: "This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me."

    The advice you're receiving here is good and I urge you to explore more. You studied to get into this organization, you have to study to get out.

    God bless you on your journey to freedom. It is worth it, believe me!

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