Back Again about Disfellowshipment.... Please Help!!

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  • Butterflyleia85

    144001, I have gone to counseling and they did help me, understand me. Right now I can't afford counseling, I got laid off from my job and rehired in by the Union to a sucky job and quiet and now can get unemployment so I'm stuck at home with to much time on my hands thinking about all of this again.

    It reminds me of weeds... I mow it over and it keeps growing back.... Now I'm ready to pull out each and every weed to get through this! I don't want weeds to creep back on me. Kinda like what the bible says about when you will reap what you sow but in my own version relating to the weeds as my faith or guilt. I'm spiritually in need of encouragement and all I seem to turn to is the Watchtower Society information.

    Purplesofa, “I well know, O Jehovah, that to earthling man his way does not belong. It does not belong to man who is walking even to direct his step.” (Jeremiah 10:23) so see it's kinda hard for me not to turn to the only reliable source I was born with Watchtower Society information. I need direction... If you have some direction, information, site, or reading material I will be interested.

    I am so cautious though I don't want to believe in every inspired word. But Safeguard practical wisdom and thinking ability cause that is what will help me in life now and in the future. (Proverbs 3:21-23)

    nelly136, Yes I agree allot of it is a type of mind game they play but I don't feel totally entrap like I was. I feel like I'm Bible dumb! I keep turning to Watchtower Society for help cause that was the only thing that comfort me, it gave me hope and inspiration. They lay it out for you like a map to paradise earth. If you are with them and obey the treasures are yours. If you slip you get thrown off the ship!

  • Butterflyleia85

    Thank you all for when I put two and two together it takes a huge weight of my shoulders....

    I read Hebrews 10:26 THRU 31 and it is left up to God. If they hold their Watchtower Society information so strongly, yeah they should consider the '74 Awake!!

    Then reading scriptures Yknot gave me I feel at peace. "turn with me to Luke 5:31-32 (read), now onto 15:7 (read), now lets flip to Ephesians 4:32 where we are reminded to forgive freely (note it doesn't reference a 3-man JC looking at your attendance record and reinstatement request). Ending finally in Colossians 3:13, 14"

    That does helps alot. I appressiate all of your comments thanks a bunch I read all of them and have tons of research and reading it looks like ahead.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    my fav scripture is Micah 4v5 I LOVE that scripture....also micah 7v7 is lovely.....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Butterflyleia85

    Can you reword this for me Hotspur...

    I followed those links and spotted something in Paul's writings I'd not spotted before.... "Quit mixing in company with anyone called a brother that is a fornicator or a greedy person [or guilty of another gross sin], . . . not even eating with such a man."

    Suddenly, I see a get out in their own reasoning..... "anyone called a brother". Disfellowshipping from within the GB's own rules removes the title of brother so, Paul's admonition no longer has substance. Especially does this apply to a person who has disassociated his or herself!

    I'm sorry it's me I need a complete detail what you mean or trying to say. but just to let you know I didn't disassociate myself I got DF and also tried to appeal it cause I plead for help and was willing for disapline but not DFment. I was already going through much heart ache... My life pretty much felt like it was crumbled mess and I just needed someone there.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Butterfly you have a pm....xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • PSacramento


    Do you believe that God and Jesus are Love?

    If you answer yes to that question then ask yourself, does disfellowship have any place in Love?

    Anyone that practises disfellowship does not have love and if you do not have love, you do not have God and Jesus.

  • hotspur

    Far be it for me to reword the NWT!

    I just saw the phrase "anyone called a brother". Who calls them brother(s)? If you get disfellowshipped you're no longer a 'brother'. If you disassociate yourself your definitely not a 'brother'! Therefore, through simple logic you've become placed outside the brotherhood so the rules (those of the GB) suddenly have no credibility or substance as applied to yourself.

    Paul's admonition, therefore, is to quit mixing with 'bad' brothers! You've been thrown outside the brotherhood so, in a way, your status is reset - to that of a wordly person. Ok, the reasoning is simplistic but is the Bible supposed to be complicated or complex? The complications come from the torturous twisting and turnings of the JW bent on maintaining the unscriptural, unchristian act of shunning.

    To my mind, this action alone, puts Love outside. I could go on for hours about this.

    The important thing is for you to find the peace that Christ gives if you believe that is what you want .... that, believe it or not is simple if you look for it with an open heart and mind.

  • Butterflyleia85

    Oh and another thing hotspur, Yeah that’s what my councilor suggested too – (Have peace but first of all forgive yourself for the guilt that is being heaped on you. Recognize where it comes from - yourself, god or a bunch of rule driven men.) It seriously is what keep me alive! I was so depressed when I first got DF it was pathetic.

    Black Sheep I don’t know who Charles Manson is - The followers of Charles Manson took a very dim view of their ex/non members. Would you feel bad if a member of the Manson/Koresh/Jim Jones families thought evil of you?

    Flipper & others that has been reinstated, Yeah I been there too, I was reinstated and they do watch you like a hawk, the people are all cheerful and happy the day of announcement but then nothing afterward... they want to keep a little distance just cause you now labeled spiritually weak, I had people treat me as if I wasn't human but a person that needed to be guided spiritually not to be hanging out with... and that's what i needed my friends again to support me and be close to me again. It hurt to see them move on with their lives like that, I was happy for them but I just felt so abandoned... I felt like screaming "DO YOU REALIZE WHAT I BEEN THROUGH!" "OH I KNOW WHAT YOUR THINKING I WAS JUST LIKE YOU AND I SWEAR TO YOU I WISH YOU ALL WERE DF, THEN YOU WOULD SEE IT SERIOUSLY IS PUNISHMENT ENOUGH!" "I'M STILL A GOOD PERSON, I JUST MADE A MISTAKE!" "WHY CAN'T YOU SEE, THAT IT'S NOT BLACK IN WHITE, THERE ARE GRAY SPOTS TOO" "PEOPLE MAKE BAD CHOICES IN LIFE, DOESN'T MAKE THEM A BAD PERSON" Who was I left with even getting back in the same people that helped me get in... my DF friends and family (actually just my mom and sometimes grandma and my sister). I realized after going to counseling and having my family that's all that I needed.

    I didn't like the Hawk over my head. I still drank. and one day at home I got a call... (bluh bluh bluh) It was over my elders called to weeks after that night and had a meeting with me. I got disfellowshipped for the second time. I just basically gave up on the society... I was broken and asked many times for help... it's all exhausting after awhile.

    "1Cor 5 11-13, they fail to mention 2Cor. 2-7" -Kaytee ...very true.

    And while I was out in the Hall talking to the elder I feel that this statement is true too...

    "they are bound first to the human directives of the WTS whereas you are to Jehovah and his Christ!" -Ynot

    I think when it comes down to it they are imperfect humans. But that's all God can work with right??

    So who holds the power to direct his servants if it isn't through "God's Organization"?

    I agree good scripture willyoman, "This people honors me with their lips, but their hearts are far from me."

    Not saying this really to the elders (I swear I felt one of my elders had great pain and sympathy for me but he stepped down from elders position while I was DF so I couldn't go back to him) ... but the obligation and burden the Organization holds over the elders stemming down to the individual people in the congregation. I know all is meant well because I do find love in peace through certain ppl in the hall individually. If I could just have thrived off of that more and thought more positively I could have probably made it (after reinstatement).

    But again back to when reading the Watchtower information and hearing talks, this type of conscience simpathy was wrong... So there! I'm confused again. Everything is painted black and white again.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Id never keep my distance...i have lots of brothers and sisters who i didnt know until they were reinstated, I dont care what they did,afterall Jahs forgotten it so who are we too recall it.

    Maybe they were watching out of love? Making sure you didnt slip up? i dont know but all i know is i hate to lose another sister or brother....Jehovah loves you and so do i..honestly i truly have such love for told sometimes its unbalnced but hey my heart is huge...cant control it.x

  • Butterflyleia85

    I will paint a timeline for you Angel eyes because I don't think you realize I been out of being a Jehovah Witness for over a year now.

    June 2004 - Baptized at 19

    June 2006 - Publicly Reproved

    Aug 2006 - Disfellowshipped

    two letter in process

    January 2008 - Reinstated

    May 2008 - Disfellowshipped

    Today - Getting frustrated

    Soon to be married - June 13 2010 ;) just thought I throw that one in there...

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