Dont shoot me!!

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    can I get some of those damn Smilies?

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    Jookbeard- you have a PM Email

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    ANGEL EYES- I have enjoyed all your comments and posts and threads since you've been here. We welcome diverse views . But as Outlaw stated you have to be aware that many views here differ from the WT society view of things because many of us have " been there, done that " - and we have received answers to our questions- many of us AREN'T looking anymore. We are living life happily post - Jehovah's Witness experience and are glad to be out from under what we consider " cult mind control".

    We appreciate you don't look at the witnesses in such a light. That may change in time, it may not change. It doesn't matter- it's up to you. But having been in the witness organization for 44 years I will tell you truly - I won't stop " speaking about the things I have seen and heard ". I'm sure you're familiar with THAT quote. LOL! But please stay, educate yourself, please try to LISTEN to what we say with an OPEN MIND and we will give you the same consideration, sound O.K. ? We love having you here ! Take care, hugs from the dolphin man, Peace out, Mr. Flipper

    can I get some of those damn Smilies?..

    Only if you Promise to Worship Satan..


    The WBT$..

    Satan go`s to all the Meetings at the Kingdom Hall!..

    We Are Not WorthyWe Are Not Worthy


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    top of the range Outlaw , fully loaded! Outlaw; Satan/Beelzebub/Lucifer/Angel of Darkness/Gog of Magog, I like him, he ain't such a bad guy

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    I worship Outlaw.

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    I too am 'in'....(just got back from the meeting)

    I too am considered 'active' and agree with many of the 'traditions' of my religious upbringing!

    JWN offers active JWs a place to come and hang loose without fear of reprisals for straying beyond the WTS's narrow view!

    Independent thinking is not admonished but often times applauded even if other posters disagree with the thought!

    The ability to agree to disagree in a polite, respectful and tolerant manner is a great life skill!

  • Out at Last!
    Out at Last!

    I don't care if you stay or go, it's your decision. I think that there alot of inaccuracies in your posts. One example is on this post you say you are new to JW's, but in a previous post you said that you were DF'ed twice. Is this correct? If it is, you can not be new to the "troof". Please tell me if I am mistaken.

  • Incognito

    Angel Eyes, in your initial post of this thread, you said:

    I think some want me to go....sad but yes true.....if you all want me to go then i'll do fine with it as i just want to please people.....

    Perhaps it is time that you stop trying to please other people and start pleasing yourself. Don't provoke others to beg you to stay but take responsibility for your own choices and actions.

    If you want to participate on this Discussion Board, do it. Do it, not to please others, but to please, educate and enlighten yourself.

    If you’re interested in ‘Truth’, take the time to read and contemplate what others have written regarding this organization and religion. Don’t blindly accept or reject what is written based on what anyone here writes, what you have been told or what you think you know, but verify information from your own investigation and experiences. There is much ‘Truth’ that can be gained by using your God given intelligence and reasoning ability, in looking outside of W/T literature or what is being spewed from the K/H platform.

    In regards to pleasing others, it would probably shock you, the number of people that call themselves JW's, only to please other people.

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