Dont shoot me!!

by angel eyes 67 Replies latest jw friends

  • snowbird

    Angel Eyes, it's good to have you here.


  • feenx

    I agree. Yes we have different views, but that's the beauty of adult communication. We have the capability to listen to where another is coming from, respect it, and present our views as well. That's what life and this site is all about. Never ever should anyone feel unwelcome here. We are adults....well despite the toys on my desk I'm staring at right now. But really, I'm all growed up ;)

  • nelly136

    i shouldnt imagine anyone here would take the time to ring round a mass of kh's asking the elders if they have an 'angel eyes' that they should go pay a visit, so your prolly safe

  • AllTimeJeff

    Yeah, stick around.

    Try to understand please, that the anger in some posts isn't personal, its just that you might be the only JW to vent to sometimes. I don't agree with all of the anger, but I do understand it. There are legit reasons for it of course.

    Truthfully, if you just want to chat, well, it is going to be with mostly former JW's, so that will create an awkward dynamic for you. But I do respect your right to continue as a JW. That's your choice.

    Hope to see you, and I hope the occasional angry poster doesn't turn you off too much....

  • jookbeard

    AE's we dont want you to go, I think you are a good person and the call we had a few weeks ago was nice, but, 99.9% of us on here are active Apostates who have been extremely hurt and damaged by the WTS, some have been shunned by immediate family members, lost loved ones through the evil murderous blood/organ transplant policy, and even those that have suffered vile sexual abuse (children raped by their own fathers, fathers even raping their baby sons and visa versa) and have to face their abusers in the K/H every week, while their abusers have been protected by the lying dishonesty of the WTS, when you say "I love Jah, and his home" that doesn't sit well with the thousands of ex JW's who have suffered this extreme hurt, myself included, and if you make these assertions all we ask is clear scriptural proof that the WTS is Jah's home, which of course dont exist, if you think there are millions of good people doing good in Jahs home well ok that may be all very well but it is not any proof that God has an organization on earth, there may be many good Muslims/Hindus/Buddhists /Christians etc, not that I really care, just be honest to us and yourself AE's and enjoy the work and fine effort put in by Simon and his Mods here.

  • isaacaustin

    Jookbeard said it well. It doesn't even bother me that you feel the org is God's org. But I feel that if you are going to assert that in conversations here as much as you do, you should be asked to back it up...this would be asked of anyone here making such an assertion.

  • villabolo

    Please realize, angel eyes, that we've had in the recent past a pretty obnoxious JW troll that would hijack threads and insult certain posters. Some of the people here are a little paranoid and others are just plain rude but don't let that scare you off. You're welcome to stay here.


  • AllTimeJeff

    If this is slightly off topic, I apologize, but this is directed primarily at the last posts of Issac and jookbeard.....

    In short, the reason that anyone joins JW's is emotional. It takes well over 2 years typically for any study to "accept" the truth. Why? Because its never presented "we're right, they're wrong." It's puppies and kittens and a paradise earth. The appeal is all emotional. Why would we think that it would take any less time to loosen that emotional attachment for any practicing JW who visits this forum?

    It would stand to reason that for any potential exit, the exit itself would also have to be emotional, in that the attachment to "the brotherhood", as well as the feeling of trust that does exist in the GB needs to be re-evaluated.

    I say this because it seems such a waste of emotional energy to attack a JW who comes on here, and expecting them to recant because we have facts and truth on our side.

    Remember the old saying as pioneers: "To take away heaven, we have to give them a paradise earth first?" The reason is there is a void that is created with any change of religion. That goes for exiting JW's of course, especially! And AE, thats why exiting JW's are so angry, they leave and haven't replaced that void where JW's use to be.... yet.

    All I am suggesting here is, realize you are not dealing with a true or false proposition when it comes to ANY dub. It's an emotional proposition, an emotional attachment that is not easily understood or replaced.

  • minimus

    Why are you here, AE? Of course you're welcomed to stay at your discretion but what REALLY is your purpose here?

  • AllTimeJeff

    Minmus, didn't she say why she was here in her opening post? Why not take her at her word?

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