Dont shoot me!!

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  • jookbeard

    I'm sure if some people quickly google stuff on JW's they willl get directed to this site and even those with the best intention's come on board and participate which is good, its a life saving work we all do here


    Angel Eyes..

    If your going to log on to a board that debates WBT$/JW issues..

    People are going to debate you,regardless of what opinion you have..LOL!!

    Next your going to tell us..

    Seahorse Your never going back to the Ocean,because it has Salt in it..LOL!!..Lobster

    I think it would be great if you told your Elders you Post here..

    It would wake you up..

    And ..

    Give you a better sense of Reality in Watchtower World..

    Which you definitely don`t display here..

    Are you going to stop Posting on JWN,when your JW Elders demand it?


  • jookbeard

    AE's I did not actually mean I wanted to go to your elders in order to "turn you in" what I meant was that I was suspicious of the statement when you said you had personally spoken to 2 of your elders who said it's OK to post here, that is clearly not a lie but perhaps rather inaccurate, I was simply suggesting if I spoke to your PO and told him a member of his cong posted on here, what his response would be, we all clearly know the answer, when the original JWD went offline last year, the UK Bethel Branch all reacted with high 5's celebrating JWD's demise, the UK Branch is very aware of this great Forum

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Thanks guys....and thanks alltime jeff I know if lots of us met in the street we'd get on..... yes im a serving Jw but i also have normal probs like others on here and yes ive had a past too so i understand peoples pain,thats one thing some of us have in common,but it just seems that because im still a jw my pain hasnt mattered and thats definately made me see i cant share it with any on back under lock and key it goes

    I look forward to chatting and laughing and joking with lots of you on here......

    Thankyou again for the nice comments,if only you knew how much that has meant to me...if only you knew would understand so so much....hugs to you all...

    Yh Jb it was great chatting...its been years,i was 4 but i always remembered you and i dont dislike you..truly there isnt anyone on here i dislike,some have hurt me but ive learnt from that now.(im even crying whilst typing this..) (see im human lol)


  • isaacaustin

    Relax, chat, make small talk with others here...speak what you feel. Perhaps in time you will feel comfortable sharing your story. In the meantime, 'mingle'....there are many, many here who used to feel the same as you now do.

  • Finally-Free

    Evidently something happened and I missed it. Typical.

    You seem fine to me, so I hope you stay.


  • minimus

    Stop crying and just come over to the other side.

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    dar vader im luke sky walker....i am a jedi....haha

  • PSacramento

    Rule of thumb, when someone asks you a question, its best to reply, if you don't, not only is it rude, but it shows you may be hiding something or just "trolling".

    None of us have al the answers, but when we make a comment and its challenged, as happens in discussion forums, to ignore the challenge or the question shows that you either have ulterior motives or that the opinions and views of others don't count, which begs the question, whe come to a discussion forum ?

  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    im only guna laugh and joke,sympathise but other than that i'll not exist... i (as many) have enough to deal with and dont need friends(yup some of u guys i class as friends) hurting or attacking me...lifes way too stressful for that.

    Jb thanks for your comment, appreciate it.....

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