So who's been out the longest??

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  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Well some of you arent in the truth anymore,either left,df or who's been out the longest??? and how many had the priviledge of going pio school?

  • blondie

    What's "the truth"? Have I suddenly departed into a lie? I don't think so. I left the WTS because of all the lies they and their representatives told. I left the lie and found the real truth.

  • daniel-p

    I had the enormous privelege of going to pioneer school with my mother. We had to stay at a home together. Joy. What fun. But seriously though, it wasn't that bad, but very exhausting, since on top of all the endless "study", I had to deal with my mom constantly.

    Incidentally, within 6 months about three of the pioneer school people were DFd for various reasons, and many others were no longer pioneering.

    A question for you Angeleyes: How long have you been disobeying the Society's admonition to NOT go on the Internet and talk to apostates?

    And I've "been faded" since about 2006. It was somewhere around then that I stepped aside as an MS, and stopped going to meetings/service/etc.

  • mrsjones5

    <----born in, pioneer school always sounded boring as hell...not appealing

  • JWoods

    Well, to be perfectly honest about it - I started fading away in 1977. Last meeting (the very last) in 1978. Went to the so-called "elder" school in 1970 in Pittsburgh Pa - instructors were Schroeder and Davis.

    Finally, the "committee" called me in 1981 and I told them to go to hell once and for all.

  • villabolo

    I've been out of the religion for 29 years. As far as refering to it as "The Truth" that is the very reason I got disfellowshipped. I told the elders that even if all doctrines were truthful the society should not be using that phrase because Jesus said of himself "I am the truth, the way and the life". In other words you are putting your religion on the same level as Jesus.


  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Thanks for sharing with me guys,i just want to know i guess from another stand point. For me I personally couldnt imagine life without Jah etc,not saying that anyone isnt loving Jah...just trying to explain where im coming from. Jwoods,you been out officially 28 years wow....i couldnt live a day without being apart of the truth,but then again maybe thats what you all thought until whatever happened,happened. Hoping ive not offended anyone,just interested thats all :)

  • daniel-p

    You haven't offended me in the slightest, angel eyes. But just as you're curious about where we've been, we're also curious about you. When did you decide to go on the Internet, looking around for JWs, and when did you decide it was OK to talk to apostates?

    I'm not judging you or anything, just honestly interested.

  • undercover
    ...i couldnt live a day without being a part of the truth...

    Funny, that's what prompted most of us to leave. We couldn't live a lie anymore, once we learned the truth about "the Truth".

  • dissed

    Quit associating around 1995-6 after seeing the light, never disfellowshipped. Took me 26 years to realize this wasn't the "Truth", "The Way" or "The Life".

    Attended many Pioneer Schools and was an instructor.

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