So who's been out the longest??

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  • TD

    Skeptic: Why is it, again, that you say you're "In the truth?"

    JW: Because I'm associated with Jah's organization.

    Skeptic: And how do you know it's, "Jehovah's organization?"

    JW: Their understanding of Bible scriptures is outstanding. They are the only ones teaching truth. All others teach falsehood.

    Skeptic: What about the generation that wasn't going to die?

    JW: Oh...that....Well, they're going to make mistakes from time to time. They're not perfect you know!

    Skeptic: And 1914 and 1925 and 1975 and pyramids and vaccinations and blood transfusions and organ transplants and aluminum cookware, the separating work, lying about their history to create an illusory picture of harmony between current and past beliefs, rewriting books and magazines to hide embarassing predictions, lying about the meaning of basic Greek words, claiming today that accurate predictions were made that in actual fact were never made at all, claiming clergy privilege to avoid reporting child molestation cases.....

    JW: (Interrupting) Well see, I've got you there. Jehovah allows this to happen to test you. You failed miserably by the way.

    Skeptic: In what way were these failings a test?

    JW: To see if you would stay loyal even when Jehovah's organization taught falsehood.

    Skeptic: And how was it again, that we were to know that this was, "Jehovah's organization?"

    JW: Their understanding of Bible scriptures is outstanding. They are the only ones teaching truth. All others teach falshood.

    Skeptic: And why could not any religion make that claim and offer the same excuse when the reality falls short of the claim?

    JW: Because I'm in the truth

    Skeptic: Logic isn't your strong suite is it?

    JW: It's my middle name. Why do you ask?

  • shamus100

    TD: Two words you forgot. MIRACLE WHEAT!!!

    Enjoyed your circular reasoning.

  • Finally-Free

    I cant,just cant accept that leaving Jah or his org is the answer..

    Consider this. When Achan committed a theft at Jericho the nation of Isreal suffered a loss in the battle at Ai. The reason given is that Jehovah wasn't "with them" in battle because of Achan's sin. The Watchtower explains this as "community responsibility". Afterwards, Achan was put to death, and so was his entire family and even his animals.

    For the principle of "community responsibility" to be just, it must apply equally to all. The watchtower society is not exempt. They have covered up crimes of child molestation, and used their legal and financial resources to defend pedophiles in court. This principle of "community responsibility" should then apply to all who are aware of these scandals and still choose to remain associated with the watchtower.

    My stance on this issue is not unjust. It is more lenient than Jehovah's "justice". I'm not killing anyone, just shunning them.


  • Nosferatu

    My last meeting was on August 15, 1996, so I've been out a total of 13 years.

    Angel eyes, I honestly don't know how you get on with such faith. Many times, I prayed to Jehovah for help when I was getting the shit beaten out of me. All I got in return was a bad case of PTSD and a nervous breakdown. After that, I started learning that I can't rely on Jehovah for help and that I needed to help myself. I slowly learned how to stand up for myself and not let anybody walk all over me. Now, my PTSD rarely affects me, I'm much more confident, happier, less stressed out, and I owe it all to leaving the JWs.

    And Pioneer school? Hah! I couldn't even bring myself to get baptized after I was shoved into becoming an unbaptized publisher. My record maximum of hours was 9 per month. When I didn't have any hours, I made up for it by witnessing to my cat. At least he wasn't eligible for a bible study :)

  • AdaMakawee

    I've been out since 1991. I can't pretend I read all the posts on here, but Angeleyes said "most on here aren't apostates, just hurt..." I wonder, Angeleyes, what do you consider an apostate? I'm pretty sure you would consider me one but I'm just asking.


  • villabolo

    Angeleyes, as soon as you do a thorough investigation of your religion you'll find out that it does not make mistakes but rather that it is a mistake. The issue is not about a corrupt individual here or there but an abundance of moral torpidity throughout the whole collective body of the religion from the Governing Body all the way down to the rank and file. As soon as you realize the degree to which the WBTS is corrupt, manipulative and vicious you"ll be faced with the choice of either disassociating yourself from something evil or continuing in it and perpetuating its lies.

    You already gave a big hint when you said that you cannot think of leaving Jah's "organization". Well this is the bottom line. The WBTS and its members never where nor are they now nor ever shall be God's organization. You have been easily impressed by its sham make believe knowledge just like I was when I was 14 and naive. But I retained my curiosity and more important my integrity. The combination of both and my disgust with the organizations pathological self worship is what led me out of that counterfeit, false prophet led organization.


  • buggerly

    Angel eyes

    I'm unsure if you are just spouting traditional Jehovah's Witness dogma despite being aware of the way the WTS has deviated from the scriptures or are incredibly ignorant about the serious doctrinal issues involved.

    Can I suggest you purchase and read "Crisis of Conscience" and "In Search of Christian Freedom" (can be downloaded as PDF documents for privacy) both written by a former member of the Governing Body of Jehovah's Witnesses and available here

    Are you sincere enough to do the necessary research outside WTS publications to challenge your current beliefs and prove to yourself that your views are well founded and accurate?

    After you do so, please come back here and post your arguments as to why the Jehovah's Witness religion is the "truth"

  • jookbeard

    any views AE?

  • mouthy

    I was baptised in 63/65 cant remember now. Kicked out in 1987 because
    I didnt see Jesus come in 1914(Invisably of course).
    Angel Eyes I think you should start really examining the name Jehovah
    Where it originated..I think you have a lovely opinion of your self
    to call your self Angel eyes.Angels KNOW who God is ,even the fallen ones.
    God the Father told you to listen to his SON!HE is the ONLY WAY! TRUTH,LIFE
    NO ONE ,NO ONE,NO ONE, ( 3 times for emphasis)COMES to the FATHER
    except through HIM...
    How dare you say I have left GOD !!!! He is the GREAT I AM!!!
    I worship him morning noon & night,& several times during the day
    Jesus Christ is MY BEST FRIEND.....I have a personal relationship with him.
    I listen to NO MAN at all( on spirituel matters,) not much on other matters either.
    I think you should start praying for TRUTH...Because your living in the lie.
    Read Crises Of Conscience,read "blood on the Alter,by Davis Reed,Yes MEN!!!
    but only telling their experience of being in YOUR organization.
    Just as I A woman,tell you of MY being in YOUR organization ,
    Of the Beatings I took, the operations I suffered because of listening to the lie.
    Testimony, testimony ,testimony Give us yours what has the Organ9zation done for YOU?
    When you sent me a P.M I told you they have kidnapped my daughter,my grandchild,
    all a demand of the Organization,But MY GOD says "love your ememy" So if they are
    followers of the TRUE GOD are they not being disobedient? to teach this?

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