So who's been out the longest??

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  • TD
    ...arent in the truth anymore...

    I've always been curious about that term. "Truth" is of course an abstract concept, not a tangible object that you can "have" or "be in."

    When you use the term, you're apparently using it esoterically to describe your religion (?)

    How appropriate a term would that be for a religion that does not appear to have any problem with telling lies? I'm not talking about things that are debatable; I'm talking about material details about JW history that are verifiable in JW period literature.

    (My interest in JW's is a direct result of being married to one)

  • Chalam

    As far as refering to it as "The Truth" that is the very reason I got disfellowshipped. I told the elders that even if all doctrines were truthful the society should not be using that phrase because Jesus said of himself "I am the truth, the way and the life". In other words you are putting your religion on the same level as Jesus.

    I agree. The WT themselves claim they are the mediator for the "non anointed" Witnesses and not Jesus.

    Took me 26 years to realize this wasn't the "Truth", "The Way" or "The Life".

    Amen! By their own admission, the WT are saying they are the way. The truth is their way is a lie and leads to death.

    All the best,


  • undercover
    Logic is my middle name

    Ill is your first name then?

  • isaacaustin

    I left the WT in 1990, November to be going on 20 years. I came into the truth- which is Jesus- in 2005.

  • isaacaustin

    Angel Eyes, May I respectfully ask you why you feel Jehovah operates thru an organization- one which people must join to serve him and be acceptable to him? I notice you have made this assertion several times as though it is a foregone conclusion. What would be the basis for this conclusion?

  • Finally-Free
    i wont let satan mislead me by using some in the truth who are claiming to love Jah and yet by their actions clearly dont...i'll keep my spiritual suit of armour strong and intact

    Now why does that sound familiar? I know! It's because I kept repeating the same words to myself for twenty years. Eventually I realized that, even if it was the truth, I didn't want to live forever in a world filled with the most hateful people I had ever met. That's not my idea of "paradise".

    Now I've learned that it is not the "truth", and never was, and I left over 6 years ago.


  • JWoods
    I know the individuals will perish at armegeddon,i have the patience of a saint and can wait for aslong as it takes for Jehovah to punish them.
    Logic is my middle name

    Obviously. Fascinating.

  • bigwilly

    Left in '95-'96 and haven't looked back.

    Unlike alot here, it wasn't due to any falling out with individuals, issues with doctrine or being DF'd. I left home and learned to think for myself

  • Chalam

    Sorry, I can't understand this!

    I've always been curious about that term. "Truth" is of course an abstract concept, not a tangible object that you can "have" or "be in."

    So, for example the earth is round, not flat right? If the "flat earth" religion teaches the earth is flat most would say it is a lie and those in the religion are not "in the truth".

    Same applies for actual faith teachings, they are either true precepts or false ones.

    Most here have established that the teaching of the WT are false. Thus the question remains, does anyone have the truth, even if you think "the truth" is there is no truth (which is absurd as that would be a truth itself if it were true!).

    All the best,


  • Twitch

    I stopped attending in 1987 so I've been out 22 years, or thereabouts

    Truth? Pioneering a priviledge? lordy,...

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