So who's been out the longest??

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  • mouthy

    I guess what I wrote was deleted.( before this)

    But Angel eyes ,You have a very high opinion of your self
    to name your self ANGEL EYES.Even the ANGELS knew the true GOD
    even the wcked ones ....If you havent got the WAY! TRUTH LIFE in your worship
    Whom the FATHER told us to listen to.....Your one of the angels that DONT obey.
    When you p.m me. I told you God said" LOVE YOUR Enemies"But the WT told my kids,
    "Hate your Mother & dont ever speak to her again.Cos She didnt see Jesus come invisably in 1914..."

    Yes they obeyed.... OOPs it wasnt deleted OLD AGE!!!!

  • avishai

    So, on what basis and when was the WTS chosen as God's org. on earth, AE?

  • BabaYaga

    Hey, Darlin' Mouthy... it's not you, the forum sometimes lags a bit before the new posts appear, I've noticed.

  • mouthy

    Oh Thanks Baba I didnt know that

  • Black Sheep
    Black Sheep
    Well some of you arent in the truth anymore,either left,df or da

    I was born to members of one of thousands of high control religions that all claim to have the truth and all claim to receive instructions from their various gods and claim that devotees of religions other than theirs are led astray by whatever demons they belive in.

    Those religions all make excuses for the failings of their members and teachers while damning other religions for their failings.

    I didn't join any of those groups, including the one you joined, Angel Eyes. That doesn't mean I wasn't damaged by them. Just that I never participated in the ritual that my particular cult required to signify membership.



  • bluecanary
    Just some who ive come across who clearly clearly are NOT happy atall,that to me shows Jah isnt with them.

    angel logic eyes, conversely, this means that if I am happy after leaving the WTS Jehovah is with me.

    And I am.

  • jeanniebeanz

    Just some who ive come across who clearly clearly are NOT happy atall,that to me shows Jah isnt with them.

    No, it means that they were devastated when their families abandoned them and in some cases their businesses and finances were destroyed by a cult. They will go through a healthy healing phase that in many cases will involve a large dose of anger and bitterness before they recover from this spiritual abuse and once again find the peace that your loving organization robbed them of.

    Just thought I'd clarify that little misconception.


  • coffee_black

    Baptized in 1960 (age 8) Officially DAed 1993 Lovin' life.


  • avishai

    Yep, jeanniebeanz. Exactly. Having your entire support system yanked out from under you tends to make you just a bit unhappy.

  • Beachwalker

    Hi, I've been out since 1988 or thereabouts. Going through the motions a long, long time before that. Used to drag my kids to the meetings. That's my biggest regret. They used to hate it, now they're back.

    My ex, the psychopath, used to be Mr Christian when he got out of the car in the kingdom hall parking lot. Fifteen minutes beforehand he was calling me, in front of the children, the most disgusting names he could!

    I used to hear those convention examples of how the unbelieving husband of a battered wife used to come to his senses, study, and then become the best husband. Yet here was my husband, supposedly already a jdub, and I was in fear of my life! Jehovah's spirit, my arse!!!


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