Attended DC this weekend, quick recap...the End may not be imminent could take a million years but its still coming

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  • minimus

    Thanks 4 the synopsis. It appears that they know the End may not be so "close".

    Looking at current events is what the WT. has ALWAYS done. Now it's wrong??

  • Cadellin

    Shop, very interesting! You are indeed a good and loyal friend. Tell me, did Br. Splane use the word "imminent" at all? Did any of the other speakers? As has been noted on other threads about the DC, the word "imminent" seems to be the key word at many of the conventions--it sure as hell was at the one I attended. But then, we didn't have the emminent privilege of hosting a GB--who, of course, has the inside scoop on what's really going on!


    "The Br then asked, where we would rather be..

    .in an organization that has remained the same for a thousand years or one that changes as the light becomes brighter and brighter.."

    If the light is getting brighter,how come JW`s are`nt getting any smarter?

    "Example was the new song book,

    updated to remove obsolete terms and correct phrases based on a clearer understanding of our role in Jehovah's purpose."

    ..Hammer HeadA New Song book!!..Jehovah`s Witness must have the Truth!!..They have a New Song Book!!Hammer HeadWoohoo!Woohoo!


  • Dagney

    Hey Shop!

    How are you doing? Thank you for a great report on the DC. Did you go all three days?

    Reading your report after see the show on cults with Brenda Lee, I sure can see the mind control at work. One of the things brought out in the program is isolation and keeping people busy as an effective tool of cults. So now, as Min brought out, JW's are not supposed to pay any attention to world events, which in the past were the footlights that showed we were at the end of the system.

    So did your friend find any potential JW men?


  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    If dubs are supposed to serve Jehovah out of love, would it be the same kind of love that Jehovah shows to them?

    You know, the same kind of conditional, non-material, invisible, full of empty promises, and fruitless kind of "love"... in word only?

    Even with the promise of deliverance "soon", it's pathetic that god is so needy for everything from his servants, but helpless to do anything for his sheeples now, and only gives them "pie in the sky" promises like worthless IOUs.

  • daniel-p

    Telling people that, in essence, the end is NOT near is a losing proposition. If you want people to last in the faith, they're gonna need to have a more balanced activity level, meaning less field service, fewer meetings, and other pointless busywork.

  • observador

    Thank you for the report. Sounds like the GB is preparing a carefully controlled erosion of JW hope.

    Interesting the point about not 'looking to current events to measure how close the end is...". I remember that the Awake master-head use to contain something to the effect of 'it search under the surface, looking how world events fulfill Bible prophecy... bla bla bla".

    I can understand how a newly converted JW would buy this, but cannot possibly grasp why/how an old timer, even averagely educated JW, 30+ years in the "troof", could still accept that. It's a complete departure indeed.


  • greenie

    Ugh - I saw that drama! The other thing that I really hated about it, besides what most of you have mentioned, is that the mother was SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO pathetic! At least the one in the one I saw was. She just cried all the time and wrung her hands. THAT WAS IT. I'm sure all you mothers on here and out there really parent that way. "My son is being bad...oh woe oh woe oh woe! I'll just have to sit on the couch and rock and cry! Oh woe oh woe oh woe!" And of course all worldly girls at work were tramps. And not to be throwing stones, but looking around the audience, many, many of the young ladies there had on super tight pencil skirts, high heels and distractingly low cut or low buttoned tops. Seriously. I've was taken aback. Or what's the term? Oh - STUMBLED!

  • Heaven

    a JW acquaintance of mine that wanted to go 'JW man-hunting'

  • moshe

    On the flip side, if enough JW's lose hope they will have to close more KH's- of course, the ones that are paid for will be the ones that are closed and the property will be sold. All the money will go back to the mother ship in Brooklyn. The WT org will do just fine with growth or with a slide in membership.

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