Attended DC this weekend, quick recap...the End may not be imminent could take a million years but its still coming

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  • daniel-p

    NOBODY EXPECT THE WATCHTOWER JEHOVAHGEDDON!!!! Their chief weapon is surprise...surprise and fear...fear and surprise.... Their two weapons are fear and surprise...and ruthless inefficiency.... Their *three* weapons are fear, surprise, and ruthless inefficiency...and an almost fanatical devotion to magazines and softcover books.... Their *four* *Amongst* their weapons.... Amongst their weaponry...are such elements as fear, surprise.... I'll come in again.

    Burns, sounds like you had a good weekend....

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  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    Hmmm, how would I describe the mentality of Splane? Not nearly as "out there" as Losch, certainly. Much more careful about his words... perhaps the most careful of the bunch.

    I didn't have lots of experience with him, but I had uncertainties measuring him up. Particularly with Linda, and in more public settings, I found David interesting, likable, and knowledgable... as "anointed" should be. However, I had experience enough that I didn't necessarily trust him. I could ask him a question and get an answer. I would think it was all straightforward enough... but... I learned that he is capable of wording things in such a way as to avoid giving an honest, complete answer on what he really knows is the answer to the question. Of course, later, I find out the complete answer for myself. To him, he's given me the "answer" I deserve, nothing more. To me, he was lying and withholding information that I had a right to know and would have saved me a lot of grief. Nice. Using "spiritual warfare" to mislead me.

    Splane was a very loyal company man. Kept "organization" interests to the fore, defending whatever rubbish "mother" would put out there. Always hoping for the best. He was very good at speculating, illustrating, and postulating, wording it very convincingly. Able to take any line of reasoning... whether it was "Armageddon now", "Armageddon in a million years", or "Santa is the King of the North"... and turn it into Sheeple Chow that the crowd would swallow enthusiastically as the "whole truth".

    From what I'd heard, the conventions this year were mostly about the imminence of the big A. From what Shopa heard it sounds almost like a different interpretation of the same material. Why? I dunno. Was it a choice of Splane or was this something more official from "Teaching"? Well, neither approach is new. They've always said it's imminent. And since it's never come they tell the crowd to be prepared for it to never come in their lives... but it will... or it might not... or it's imminent, etc. However, it could make a difference in contributions. If they convince the dubs that it's imminent, they're more likely to part with more money. But if they have to live another 40 years, they better hold onto as much cha-ching as they can for retirement, so they don't have to eat Alpo when they're 80.

    And the drama was indeed, emotionally charged rubbish. Dub-worthy melodramatic entertainment that had no similarity to real-life in the Kingdumb Hall. Pure theatrics.

  • moshe

    Does this mean JW's don't need all those emergency duffles of food and supplies? For the past year JW's have been bragging about how much emergency stuff they had set aside for the mad dash to safety, wherever that was, when the tribulation breaks out- which was gonna happen any day now.

  • shopaholic

    My friend did not find a man but she found a few congregations that she wants to visit...that she can do on her own. And yes, I attended all three days. Freeminds was out there on Saturday, felt like there should've been some secret symbol to show when I walked past their display table...but I was already treated like an outcast whenever my friend wasn't around because I wasn't wearing a badge.

    Didn't hear them use the word 'imminent' but they did use 'near', 'at hand' and 'remain in expectation' a LOT.

    I was also somewhat surprised by the overall message. Wish I would have recorded some of the talks. I believe someone mentioned last year that the convention tone seems to differ by region.

  • Farkel

    I can briefly sum up all this horse shit:

    "We don't have a clue about when Armageddon will come, and some of you in the past foolishly thought we did. Your bad."

    "But we have a lot of other good GREAT stuff to offer you and that's why you should still listen to us."

    End of bullshit.


  • Satanus

    "our job is to make Jehovah's heart rejoice"

    Jehovah needs to grow up. He's too dependent on the wt corporations workers telling stories about him. How unhappy he must have been, before charlie russel started writing his stories.


  • shamus100

    Let the morphing begin.

  • Balsam

    With all the tickling of the ears and the double speak do you think anyone really got it. Basically they were finally saying they have no idea when they think their God is going to destroy everyone but them. What kills me is how they blame the rank and file for expecting the end in 1975, as though we just pulled that year out of our hats on our own. What donkey's butts they are, and people continue to eat that crapola up like starving men and women.


  • Heaven

    BTS, nice one! I've always loved that skit.

    The "gospel" that JW's teach is "another gospel" unknown to early Christians.

    This was and still is something that always bothered me about JWs. Don't they see that there are almost 2,000 years of 'Christians' who never went door to door and therefore are unfairly disqualified for all that Jehovah's spirit directed organization says JWs are now entitled to? Well, that is, if you measure up.

    Imagine it. All of these people celebrated... GASP! ... Easter and Christmas! Probably birthdays too. What horror! And how dare they?!

    I guess these early Christian just don't qualify for resurrection.

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