Yay for Womanhood! Female Min.Serv's under consideration.

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  • ziddina

    Hah!!! Gregor, yeah, I saw that opening but thought I'd leave it open, anyway... Zid

  • ziddina

    "If women were able to become elders and be in the gb then we'd have something to talk about. They just need more grunt workers. It would probably be a dramatically different group if it were run at least partially by women for the better i believe..."

    Uhm, I don't think so... Most of the time, when a woman FINALLY makes it to the top - or somewhere vaguely in that vicinity - she has been so warped and crushed - mis-shapen - by the system, that any individuality has been crushed out of her... that probably happens to many noble-minded men, too...

    The price women pay for being a 'player' in a male-dominated field is to be forced to become like those that they must work with...

    Any sisters in power will be so warped and mind-controlled that they probably won't maintain much individuality...


  • dinah

    Sometimes said woman had kicked the crap out of everyone in her way.

    They can keep their napkins.

  • Gregor

    as long as their sanitary....

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