Yay for Womanhood! Female Min.Serv's under consideration.

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  • designs

    I wrote the Society back in the 80's regarding women as servants as a matter of equality, now that they need women in servant positions as a practical matter and not as equality dictates it may move forward. Must be one of the most ironic religions around.

  • believingxjw

    Using sisters as ministerial servants would be an extension of a practice the Society has had in place for decades. In congregations that have too few brothers the sisters have been used in minor congregational roles traditionally given to men. For instance the accounts servant years ago could be sister if enough brothers were not available. The sister assigned to this role would give the accounts report at the podium just like the brother would but she had a head covering. Using this model there is no reason why sisters could not handle literature and other ministerial responsibilities.

    I welcome this change, if it should be correct, but it is not so much a new change but rather an extension of what they have already been doing for years.


  • WTWizard

    If so, it ties in with how short they are of men that qualify to become hounders. Sometimes, they will have a "sister" taking the lead, if only because that's all they have to work with. But, rest assured that once they find enough just plain men, they will dump any "sisters" getting these positions so quickly that they don't know what hit them.

  • AllTimeJeff

    I don't think this will happen. But if it does, they will only use them for work, and not teaching, so its going pure hell, more work, less recognition. They just need competent people to do the BS work...

  • believingxjw

    The Society changes when it is forced to, as we all know. If they should allow the use of women in ministerial positions this is only because they are hurting real bad in many congregations. If that is so that would mean the younger generation of male JWs is either leaving or not interested in positions of responsibility. As usual then, the Organization is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If they use women in more traditional male roles they lose the fertile ground, the ministerial positions, in which they have grown their future elders. If they do not use the sisters they drive what elders they have further into the ground.

    If they are contemplating using more sisters they will probably create a new category of service specifically for the sisters. It seems they are already trying hard to shore up the younger generation and using sisters may be an avenue they could use to shame the younger men into standing up for Jehovah.

  • metatron

    I'm skeptical, too. It seems rather radical for these dinosaurs to approve.

    I can see that it could give a short term boost to congregations and give old maid pioneers something to do (if they have any rational skills to begin with).

    On the other hand, it will cause longer term trouble because it's the 'nose of the camel in the tent'. Sisters will likely begin to chafe over working with idiot elders - and it may serve to emphasize, rather than de-emphasize, the subserivence of women among JW's.


  • angel eyes
    angel eyes

    Hmmmm wonder if its true?? Reminds me of something a c/o said at pio school....maybe he was right???

  • chickpea

    holy mother of god!!!!

  • cognac

    If it is true, when do they speculate this would happen???

  • blondie

    So why "old maid" pioneers? MS aren't required to be single. Married men are the rule when it comes to MS and elders and they aren't expected to put their families first.

    I have been in congregations that had a couple of elders and one MS, yet had a married sister (with a jw husband--the MS) doing the accounts, literature, magazines and sound at the meetings. It was a small congregationi and it would have put too much pressure on the 2 elders and 1 MS to do all that. One congregation I was in had an elder's wife doing the accounts with him annoucing it and signing off on any documents. No baptized men were qualified to handle it. I have visited congregations where sisters handled the microphones; granted it was in a small congregation in the boonies. I know several elders that would like to use the sisters in these positions since there is no real teaching but the CO cancelled it. I have seen on this board that some elders twist themselves in knots not allowing sisters to read at the old book study arrangement and then others who saw no problem with it and saw no need for them to wear headcoverings.

    The COs who have cancelled this idea were concerned that it would send the single to the baptized brothers that there was nothing for them to "reach out" for so ordered to elders to do these duties.

    I'm not holding my breath. As long as there is one baptized brother many COs and DOS figure they should do everything.

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