Yay for Womanhood! Female Min.Serv's under consideration.

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    The "Priscilla" deliberations.

    GB subcommittees now re-considering role of women in the organization.

    Example of Phoebe as "diakonos" revisited.

    Could women be appointed to ministerial servant positions in view of the need in congregations?

    What's your take on latest rumors? http://www.extjforo.com/foro/showthread.php?t=14821


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    You might want to translate that for those who don't know Spanish. Personally, I'm skeptical of that even though I realize that their shortage of men is acute. If I had heard that when I was disfellowshipped decades ago I whould have made a snide remark like "What next? Lesbian POs?" But who knows? I would just like to see them with a napkin on their pretty little heads.


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    Ordenoymando has much to say but as August has passed (no mention of new GB names or introduction to Bethel Family), and the "Follower" book being alotted study time in March 2010 CBS versus his Annual Meeting first draft post....... I am starting to feel like Testi and urging caution until at least one of his posts comes to pass as more then rumor......

    ......the above stated..... Ordenoymando does have some very intriguing commentary and I hope he is not a plant to make ExJW forums look like foolish (ie: pioneer hours part deux!)

  • Leolaia

    Nice mention of Phoebe.

    Female servants and leaders in the apostolic church mentioned in the Bible include Junia of Rome, Phoebe of Cenchreae, Prisca of Ephesus, Nympha of Laodicia, and possibly Lydia of Thyatira.

  • quietlyleaving

    romans16:7 from the NWT

    Greet Andronicus and Junias my relatives and my fellow captives, who are men of noteamong the apostles and who have been in union with Christ longer than I have

    and from the NIV 7 Greet Andronicus and Junias, my relatives who have been in prison with me. They are outstanding among the apostles, and they were in Christ before I was.

    and from the wycliffe trans Greet well Andronicus and Junia, my cousins, and mine even-prisoners, which be noble among the apostles, and which were before me in Christ.

    KJV - Salute Andronicus and Junia, my kinsmen, and my fellow-prisoners, who are of note among the apostles, who also were in Christ before me.

  • dozy

    Very rough translation:

    Between the different proposals that work in two subcommittees (before the lack of men in many congregations, the lack of men in the special precusorado one and many departments of the Branches; we speak of men with a mini academic formation, who know something more than to read and to write…) Before that, as long ago the Societay did not invite to the sisters to the School of Galaad… were necessary to wait for years until the brother Nathan H.K decided that they were possible to be invited to the brothers to the School of Galaad and other allocations, in the principle is due to remember that the SISTERS DID NOT PARTICIPATE EITHER IN the SCHOOL OF the THEOCRATIC MINISTRY. Before that, the Societay Watch Tower has elaborated a series of studies, taking like pretext the grandmother, the mother of " joven" Timoteo and of Priscila for " integrar" to determined brother in functions within the congregation… functions of greater rank than those than they have until this moment, they are a series of documents that raise that the brothers can carry out FUNCTIONS AND ARRIVE TO BE NAMED " MINISTERIALES" SERVANTS; … it is a form to take advantage of all the feminine element, that in Latin America and other places represents more of 70% of the publicadores. IT IS NECESSARY TO HOPE TO SEE IF the WORK DOCUMENTS HAPPEN finally OF the SUBCOMMITTEE… to the Committee of Writing and to the COMMITTEE OF COORDINATORS.

    The societies reasoning that Phoebe wasn't a real minister is torturous , as usual , as they endeavour to twist Paul's words to what he "evidently" meant to say:


    Paul refers to Phoebe as “a minister of the congregation that is in Cenchreae.” This raises the question as to the sense in which the term di·a′ko·nos (minister) is here used. Some translators view the term in an official sense and hence render it “deaconess” (RS, JB). But the Scriptures make no provision for female ministerial servants. Goodspeed’s translation views the term in a general sense and translates it “helper.” However, Paul’s reference is evidently to something having to do with the spreading of the good news, the Christian ministry, and he was speaking of Phoebe as a female minister who was associated with the congregation in Cenchreae.—Compare Ac 2:17, 18.

    Any change would be a big flip flop because , if anything , the trend has been to make women an even lower level over the last few years - not able to serve in parking at assemblies because they are "directing" brothers , having to wear head coverings when doing sign language etc. However we all know that when circumstances require , the WTS suddenly get "new light" and change things (a bit like when the Mormon president had a sudden revelation that black people were OK to become priests in the LDS.) There certainly is no scriptural reason why sisters shouldn't be used to handle mikes or do the sound , for example. Perhaps as Jaracz's influence wanes due to illness & age and the WTS starts to move away from the 50's mentality of women to be subservient that a change like this might occur.

  • MissingLink

    There was an old pioneer bad in our last congregation who would always remind us that she used to be an elder before they changed the rules to men only.

  • DaCheech

    i don't mind women doing this, but if the WT keeps on changing the rules just because they're having some problems (this irqs me).

    other religions are always criticized, but when they change the rules for their benefit it's "new light".


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    Yeah...napkin hats for all the women's


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