Words JW's use NOT found in the Bible

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    Angel, I have not attacked you. I do wonder your view, though, on my comments. Do you feel it was appropriate for the WT Society to take sentences out of context to make their point? For instance, they quoted the Catholic Encyclopedia, saying that the trinity has no backing....when, in fact, that is not how the actual quote states. I'm afraid if I were to ask the local body of elders, they would not answer me or they would accuse me of apostacy. I am just goin' from past experience (never been accused of apostacy by the elders, but they certainly tippytoed around my questions).

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    angel eyes

    thanks homeschool,sent you a pm as my posts are still limited

    Have good weekend all ......................

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    So is angeleyes the new substitute for reniaa and spike?

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    I suppose so. I'm having a tough time getting the answer to the questions I asked. I think she is nice though, and not vindictive like REnny

  • Billy the Ex-Bethelite
    Billy the Ex-Bethelite

    The various Watchtower phraseology of "vindicate jehovah's sovereignty", doesn't appear in the Bible in word or in concept.

    "Universal sovereign" is also a no-show in the Bible.

    "Right to rule" isn't in it.

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