My Step-Son Called at 2 AM and Threaten Physical Harm

by Yizuman 86 Replies latest social family

  • Satanus

    Shut your phone off, at night. No need to let an idiot remotely disturb your sleep. There's lots you can do to secure doors and windows. You can prop boards underneath the door knobs jamed against a small cleat screwed to the floor. Put pins in the hinge sides of the doors. Wire screens or steel bars screwed into the windows. Hang windchimes against the windoes or doors at night, so they will chime if someone rattles them. Or, you can get a security company to put sensors on all the windows and/or doors. Lots of other things. Read up on it.


  • villabolo

    Tape record the calls.


  • Gregor

    Priest, He DID call the cops. Read it again. I have been through the threatening phone calls waking me out of sleep. That's what I get for having good looking daughters and being in the JW org. It is miserable. I think Yiz is doing the best he can and has shown a lot of spunk to resist the bullying of his piece of shit stepson. Be nice.

    After she left for Dialysis, I called the police. He took my report, saw the caller ID on the phone, the two phone numbers that I knew about and the address of where he's staying with his g/f who still lives with her mom.

  • SixofNine

    Now see, that's not what I expected from Priest73. I expected Priest to say something like "hey, you should get a CI", in response to: "I'm scared crapless because if he breaks in, I won't hear it and he would have me dead to rights in bed asleep."

  • Gregor

    Invite him over for a pow wow. When he gets there set him down with a beer. Get behind him and knock his [edit] brains out with a baseball bat. (pretend you're trying to put one over the center field fence). Drop a knife next to him and call the cops. While you're waiting have a nice, one sided, chat with his dead ass. Sleep well. There will be a lot of paperwork after, but so what?

  • dinah

    I like Gregor's idea, but you need a shotgun.

  • babygirl75

    Great idea Gregor! Self defense...Remember this line "I feared for my life"

    Yiz, I know you have a restraining order, but you can also take out a communicating threats warrant against him. The cops should step in with just the restraining order though. Do you at least have a gun to defend yourself? If not, you need to get one.

  • Snoozy

    Was it a restraining order that didn't expire? Don't they have temporary restraining orders?

    If so don't phone calls count as going against the restraining order and become grounds for arrest?


  • HappyDad


    Are you drunk or just a complete asshole?


  • flipper

    YIZUMAN- I'm so sorry you and your wife are going through this. Do you know for sure that your stepson does not have any keys he may have made off to your house without you being aware of it ? If I were you- I'd change your locks just in case. Right after my Methamphetamine drug user ex-wife # 2 left I IMMEDIATELY had all the locks changed on the house 6 years ago. Is your stepson involved with Meth ? Reason I ask is that's ONE of the signs - huge paranoia and anger management problems with the threatening behavior. Time to batten down the hatches bro. Hang in there , take care of you and your wife - keep the little tyrant away from you guys

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