A Question Ex-Jws and Atheist On This Site

by Blue Grass 79 Replies latest watchtower bible

  • mkr32208

    Don't feed the trolls...

  • KW13

    Hey Mary, good to see ya! All good my end! noah & twins are well. x

  • jonathanconway

    @zarco ... thanks, your post was spot-on mate!

  • shamus100

    Why do you guys spend so much time discussing and researching a book you believe to be fiction? I DON'T.

    Wouldn't it make more sense to devote your time to discussing things you believe in rather than a fairy tale? I DO.

    And for the ex- jws (which technically includes atheist) why are you guys coming to a site on a daily/weekly basis to discuss an organization that you are no longer a part of? TO DETER OTHERS FROM JOINING THE HIGH-CONTROL GROUP.

    It seems like a lot of you guys can't move on with the rest of your lives and have nothing better to do than criticize a book you claim to be fiction (but yet can't stop giving it so much attention to) and criticizing a group of people who probably forgot you exists. To be blunt, this site is composed of losers who are bitter and have no way of channeling their anger so they just b !# ch , whine, and complain about Witnesses and the bible. TRUE, WE DO COMPLAIN ABOUT WITNESSES OF THE BIBLE. DUH.

    I suggest you all find something more productive to do with your time, because coming online everyday b !& ching about your past experiences and verses in the Bible you don't understand is getting really old, really fast. I SUGGEST YOU GET YOURSELF A FUCKING LIFE AND STOP READING STUFF ON THE NET THAT BOTHERS YOU. NOW THAT IS THE MOST PATHETIC THING I HAVE EVER HEARD. YOU REALLY ARE TWELVE, AREN'T YOU?

    Thanks for your input.

  • beksbks

    hehe lol, gosh I love you guys


  • shamus100

    Get the hell off this thread, you commie! I'm never going to let you live that one down, besekers.


  • jonathanconway

    It's interesting how the sect affects a person's perceptions of self-expression.

    Blue Grass berates a group who want to get together, peacefully, and discuss something they happen to have in common - a JW upbringing.

    The idea is this: don't criticize the Witnesses openly, because no one wants to hear you. If you don't like the religion, then leave it and find your own way (which, of course, leads to social alienation.)

    This is a subtle form of social blackmail.

    It's a powerful way of making people divided and helpless (a phrase borrowed from Richard Stallman).

    Of course, the good thing about the Internet it its democratizing, empowering effect, and its focus on the individual. MySpace, Facebook and Twitter have already reached mass audiences not just with their usefullness, but also with the underlying, subconscious message that "it's OK to speak up and express yourself."

  • beksbks

    Pffffffft!! Hisssssssssss!!!

  • shamus100

    See? Commies are nothing more than lizards dressed in human form.

    I rest my case, you commie.

  • Alwayshere

    Bluegrass, are you a JW? Most here are ex-JW and proud of it. We like to help others see what the Watchtower really is. A CULT!

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