A Question Ex-Jws and Atheist On This Site

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  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    This is a good site for getting Watchtowers and checking doctrinal changes:


    Maybe you won't come across as many 'losers' there either

  • saywhat29

    Hmm, Blue Grass I actually made a similiar comment a while ago why people were still here, and why they couldn't just let it go since they weren't a Witness anymore.

    And then I got my answer by walking back into a Kingdom Hall to see a history of people I grew up with and how intricate it was to my family's life. And how I wasn't over it like I thought I was over it. I can't get over it when every time something goes wrong a Watchtower is place at my door or instead of a real answer, I'm told to 'wait and pray to Jehovah', and when I ask my mother to go back to school to better herself in this economy I'm told that 'the system is coming to an end and school won't say anyone' all the while she struggles with the day to day.

    Also, for the people who can't call their mother and/or their father or their close friends, thats not easy to get over and yeah some people are ENTITLED to their biterness. Hopefully they will make peace with it, but that doesn't come overnight, and you then make admit only coming by once a month to read stuff.. meaning you don't participate in the lively discussion that goes on here the stuid arguments and ebates that hapen, the fights and the make ups. So by that admission, you aren't a fair person to view what really goes on here.

    As for Atheist who read and attack the bible you also have to understand that most atheist were not raised atheist and have to go through a process of undoing/unraveling their religion, which may just be your own religion. So don't take it personal..although I guess its hard not to, huh?

    Hmm *shrugs* Your post was seriously rude though as you attack a group because of the actions of a few (and may I just add those actions weren't even directed at you since you don't even post that often, so yeah...)

    You kinda sound like a douche and thats why people are responding harshly to you. You could have worded what you said a little better...

  • Mary
    And for the ex- jws why are you guys coming to a site on a daily/weekly basis to discuss an organization that you are no longer a part of?

    To do just that: Discuss an organization that we are no longer apart of. Many on here lost their family and life-long friends when they were either disfellowshipped, or just left. Through studying, research and an exchange of thoughts and ideas, we realize now that the WTB&TS is not "the Truth" that we were told it was and that many of their doctrines are utter nonsense and it's not too difficult to prove using either the bible or their own literature. One of the best examples is a thread that Lady Liberty started a couple of years ago about the blood doctrine. In fact, this site (or the old JWD) actually helped saved my father's life a couple of years ago when he had a bleeding ulcer. Thanks to this site, I knew alot more about the blood doctrine than what I did when I was still 'in' the religion and I knew that Witnesses were now allowed to accept 'fractions'. I also thought they were allowed to accept plasma and that's what he got and that's what saved his life. Without this site, I would not have had a clue and he would have died.

    To be blunt, this site is composed of losers who are bitter and have no way of channeling their anger so they just b !# ch , whine, and complain about Witnesses and the bible.

    To be blunt, you're full of shit. Given what 'weapons' we acquired as Witnesses (next to none), many on here have come a long way and are certainly not "losers". Members have gotten degrees, good jobs, made new friends, developed good coping skills and have learned to think, reason and rationalize----qualities that were utterly discouraged when we were Witnesses. As for being angry, I think we've got a right to be angry, given how much we were lied to and how much people have lost (like their families). Discussing doctrinal issues and experiences on here is, IMO, an excellent way of "channeling their anger" and helps people to heal. If you don't see it that way, too bad.

    I suggest you all find something more productive to do with your time, because coming online everyday b !& ching about your past experiences and verses in the Bible you don't understand is getting really old, really fast.

    Ya okay......don't forget to count the minutes it took you to type this as "time" on your Field Serve-Us report. Hey, maybe you can count those of us who responded to you as Return Visits!

  • inkling
    It was the research and discussion that led me to believe that book (the bible) was a work of fiction.


    When first I came here, I had my doubts about a lot of things, but
    I was still a "believer". The research and conversations that were
    had on or inspired by this site are to thank for that fact that I am
    no longer one.

    If I had wanted a place full of people who sat around and reinforced
    their preexisting beliefs, I would have kept going to the KH.

    Hang out here long enough, and your beliefs (in either direction)
    will end up being challenged. This is a good thing.


  • Twitch

    Blue Grass

    If you don't like it here, there's the virtual door.

    Have a nice life

  • 144001

    I know you guys like to twist information and make things up but at least try to stick to the facts.

    Lots of allegations, no substance. Please reference some examples of "twisting information" and "mak[ing] things up" to support your sophomoric effort to disparage this forum and its users. It's obvious you're another JW or an apologist seeking to troll this forum. Follow your own advice and get a life, blue ass!

  • daniel-p

    Bluegrass: If this site is so obviously full of losers who bitch and whine, what could it possibly offer you?

  • 144001
    Someone asked why it took me so long to conclude this site is full of low life losers. -- Blue Ass

    Did you explain to them that you were born with an extra chromosome and that your down syndrome detrimentally impacts the processing speed of the brain that resides within your microcephalus? Maybe you can carry a note or a sign that will advise others so that they will not view your cognitive difficulties as a sign of intoxication.

  • Butterflyleia85

    I joined this a wk ago and OMG have I changed in mood!! This guys on here are my heros in a sense!!! Haha Thanks for all you guy's topics on JW! I felt alone til now... Now it's so cool to figure out with a group of ppl's opinion what's best for my stand on JW... The fear is gone now in speaking my mind and in doing research!!


    Hammer Head
    Someone asked why it took me so long to conclude this site is full of low life losers.

    The reason is I just started to notice these ridiculous attacks on the Bible which are based on nothing but ignorance.

    Some of the non-sense I've noticed over the past few weeks is from one moron saying the Tower of Babel story is proven false because some languages evolved from others, yet this moron doesn't even realize there are languages on this earth that has absolutely no relation whatsoever such as Chinese-English, Spanish-Arabic, Greek-Xhosa, etc. Not to mention all of the ancient languages that are now extinct due to invading countries forcing their own language on other countries.
    Rather than acknowledge these obvious facts, the basher decided to turn off his brain and pretend every language on this earth stems from one language just so he can justify critizing an accurate account in the Bible. But you guys are not going to let something like facts and common sense stop you from trying to discredit a book you don't understand and obvious a negeative basis towards


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